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SI G4 Slide Comp
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Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp for Glock Gen4 Pistols, SI-G4-SCOMP

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Brand Strike Industries

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  • Model:  G4 Slide Comp
  • Finish:  Matte Black
  • Compatibility:  Glock G17, G19, G22, G23, G31, & G32 Only


Strike Industries presents the industry’s first slide mounted compensator for Glock Gen4 pistols, with the SI G4 SlideComp. By mounting the compensator to the slide, the SI-G4-SCOMP requires no permanent modification to the host platform, and eliminates the need for a threaded barrel. The profile of the compensator aligns with the slide for holster compatibility, while the internal geometry and ports work to reduce muzzle rise and perceived recoil. For one handed manipulations, the compensator can be used to push-rack the slide against hard surfaces, to clear malfunctions or lock the slide back for a reload.


• Eliminates the need for threaded barrels

• Blended, no snag profile

• No permanent modification of weapon required

• Precision CNC machined

• Compatible with fourth generation G17, G19, G22, G23, G31, G32 only

• Compatible with open-bottomed holsters 

• Can be used in conjunction with threaded barrels 

Note:  Application of threadlocker (Loctite or Rocksett) to the set screws before installation is highly recommended. Not compatible with Gen 1-3 Glocks due to differences in slide dimensions and design.  Gen 3 slides cannot be modified to accommodate our G4 Slide Comps. Aftermarket recoil spring assemblies can be used as long as they are Gen 3 versions and correspond to the firearm's model number. (Ex. Gen 3 G17 recoil spring assembly with G17 handgun, or Gen 3 G19 recoil spring assembly in G19 handgun).

Note:  Normal fouling on the face of the slide due to the G4 Slide Compensator’s effects is to be expected.  

Note:  Improperly securing the compensator may cause damage to the slide.  When installing, ensure the compensator flush and fitted firmly against the slide.

How to choose the right guide rod for your firearm:

Standard Guide Rod      Compact Guide Rod
17 19
22 23
31 32


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