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TekMat Sig Sauer P365 Cleaning Mat, 11" W x 17" H x 0.125" T, Black/Gray/White - R17SIG9365
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TekMat Sig Sauer P365 Cleaning Mat, 11" W x 17" H x 0.125" T, Black/Gray/White - R17SIG9365

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  • Series/Collection: Sig Sauer P365
  • Size: 11" x 17"
  • Material: Thermoplastic Fiber/Vulcanized Rubber
  • Color: Black/Gray/White
  • For Use With: Handguns
  • Dimensions: 11" W x 17" H x 1/8" T


TekMat is the creator of original printed cleaning and maintenance mat. Our 17 inches TekMats are large enough to handle a fully disassembled handgun with room to spare for tools and accessories. The 1/8 inches padding on these mats not only provides a premium feel and high level of quality but it offers extra protection from any rough handling or drops while working on your firearm. The ultra soft, oil and water-resistant surface helps protect your firearm from scratches while the diagrams and illustrations help with cleaning, disassembly and are just plain fun to look at.


  • Protect your gun and your work area
  • Oversized design
  • Quality gun cleaning mat
  • Easy-to-use
  • Protects your firearm - a soft polyester top will ensure your gun doesn't get scratched while cleaning
  • Thickness - all tekmats use superior vulcanized rubber and our tekmats are 1/8 of an inches thick
  • Oil-resistant - all tekmats are oil and solvent-resistant, they will not penetrate the vulcanized rubber and are easy to spot up
  • Waterproof - all TekMats are waterproof, this means they will not absorb water and are easy to clean
  • Superior design - TekMat created the original schematic gun cleaning mat and continues to innovate with new designs, better quality materials, and original art
  • Dye sublimation printing - TekMat uses dye sublimation printing which uses heat to bond the ink with the fabric surface, this ensures the printing will not scratch off or fade
  • Non-slip backing - the vulcanized rubber backing on the TekMat will keep everything in place and prevent the mat from sliding on your work surface


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