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  • The History of the NFA and Silencers
    The History of the NFA and Silencers
    Posted by Kris Vermillion on July 15, 2019

    Have you ever wondered why the government chooses to fine you $200 for the right to own a silencer?

    The guys at T.REX Arms have put together an amazing video on the history of the silencer and how it came to be so heavily regulated by the NFA.

    SPOILER ALERT: The Government is stupid.

    Watch it now right here.

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  • Building Your First Tactical EDC Kit
    Building Your First Tactical EDC Kit
    Posted by Kris Vermillion on February 12, 2019

    As the saying goes, 'It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.' Everyday Carry (EDC) Kits were created by people who live by this statement. You're here because you've made the choice to be as prepared as possible. We're here to help.

    What is an EDC Kit? In short, it's the practical AND tactical items you need every day. Your environment will dictate the approach you take in building out your EDC Kit. Bear in mind, there are a few different perspectives on how and what to prepare for. Some people choose to keep a bag in the trunk of their car that they label a 'Get Home Bag', designed with the sole intent of getting home in the event of an emergency. That bag is separate from what some would call a 'Bug Out Bag' which would be designed for long-term mobility and sustainability in the event of a catastrophic event. This article is focusing specifically on your EDC Kit. What items do you need to complete the tasks you do every day, and what items can you keep with you in case of minor emergencies or unforeseen projects? Answering those questions will help you fine-tune your EDC Kit to your specific needs. With this in mind, consider what your needs are, and assemble your tactical everyday carry essentials accordingly.

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  • The Difference Between 5.56 & .223
    The Difference Between 5.56 & .223
    Posted by Kris Vermillion on February 4, 2019

    The factors that separate the 5.56 NATO round from the .223 Remington are so small, yet so significant.

    They provide countless hours of conversation on gun counters and internet forums, and if misunderstood they could provide a really bad day on the range.

    So what are the differences between 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington and can you own one rifle and shoot both?

    This article will clear it all up for you right here, right now.

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  • Back to the Basics of Firearm Safety
    Posted by Josiah McCallum on November 1, 2018

    Back to the Basics of Firearm Safety

    Until recently, I worked at our Mt. Pleasant retail location. Sometimes, when newer customers walk in looking for a firearm to carry, they ask a lot of questions, which is a wonderful thing.

    Some of the questions I would often get are:

    ' Should I get a pistol with a safety?
    ' What kind of safety features does this pistol have? Safety is very important to me.
    ' I want a firearm to protect me and my family, what should I get? I'm kind of scared of guns though.

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