Dagger trigger upgrades

Just ordered my dagger, sniper green, threaded barrel, with the vortex optic included. I have owned a gen 3 Glock 17 for years and have been wanting a 19 even since I scored the 17. So glad I went with the dagger already.
With my 17 I did the ghost 3.5lb trigger kit with connector and springs and polished all the internals. My question is will the same kit work with the dagger?
Also any other upgrades you guys can suggest?

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Before you buy anything for the trigger…dry fire it and break it in. I found after about 100rds and dry firing that it broke in nicely. Its crisp and clean.


Guitar Guy is right… dryfire to break in use snap caps or on old round casing, and get to dry firing iti… it smooths out nicely fairly fast. Its a good trigger in these guns overall. idk what people always saying its not so great.


Good to hear, I had planned on putting 500 rounds through prior to making any judgements. I’ll definitely add dry firing to the list after I get it and lube it up.

Any suggestions for suppressor use? Plan to have my omega 9k attached

I use a Rugged Obsidian 9.


Read a new thread just now saying after about 150 it started feeling real nice and said hes probably just gonna leave it :man_shrugging:t2:

The trigger on my dagger is great. I even ran a competition with it a few weeks ago.

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I’ll likely leave it alone for 500 rounds or so before I make any judgement, after more reading & YouTube I think I’m really going to like the grip and trigger. The grip/trigger are my biggest gripes with the Glock anyhow so it sounds like I’m gonna be really happy

Installed the Timney Alpha Glock last weekend. I’d love to say it was awesome right out the box but it was far from it. Everything felt great after the install but later at the range I got light primer strikes. Not long after the trigger wasn’t resetting. I ended up taking some material off the top of the trigger bar where the striker was dragging. It helped some but didn’t completely resolve the problem. Later that evening I noticed the trigger bar was dragging against the trigger housing. I slightly bent the connector and removed just enough of the ribs on the side of the housing to free up the bar. I also added a Ghost 6lb striker spring. After 90 rounds this thing is $$$. Great trigger for the Dagger if you are willing to tweak it a little

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Can u just change the trigger housing on the factory dagger trigger

I dont see why not, but whatever you choose may require fitting to work properly.

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Has anyone used the Glock Triggers Guardian in their Dagger? I’m not entirely happy with the ZEV drop in solution and I’m looking to make a change.

Glock Triggers Guardian

Also, does polishing the stock trigger components help it any at all?

In a different thread someone stated it did.

So, I run:
(1) Serpico trigger shoe with a Ghost “-” bar and Apex ultimate safety plunger on one, with an NDZ striker spring
(2) Same but with the NDZ 6lb trigger spring and a ZEV striker spring I had laying around, (the NDZ was too light)
(3) ZEVtech pro flat face drop in full trigger assembly
(4) Overwatch Precision PolyDAT trigger, trigger bar, NP3’d Minus connector, 6lb spring

And hot damn if that Overwatch isn’t the smoothest, shortest reset, shortest takeup, least effort, maybe the most enjoyable one to shoot. I might change the shoe to the extra Serpico I have just to try it, but it’s pretty damn nice. It is on a Brownells slide I built a while back, and it’s running GGP internals, so that may help a bit, not sure. But it’s friggin smooth.

Second fave is #3, then #2, then #1, but #1 is still nice. Just a bit more rest than #2.

The ZEV setup is pretty nice honestly, more crisp than the Overwatch, maybe nicer, but damn not as smooth. Might be that minus bar, IDK.

I run the ZEV in a couple Poly80s I built too and it’s pretty great there, but for the money, the Overwatch setup was $110.43 shipped after tax.

My $0.02

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I was thinking about changing the trigger on my dagger originally but I ended up putting some rounds through it and it broke in crazy good. Actually a little too good bc the trigger pull is pretty light now which is good for the range. I actually was going to do an internal polish of the trigger components but I was unable to remove the pins in the frame bc they were so tight they wouldn’t move. Hoping they loosened up after all the rounds I put through it. Haven’t tried removing them again but will. One thing I don’t like about the trigger is the amount of take up it’s pretty long but it breaks pretty clean. May try exploring a new trigger for it assuming the pins will come out but overall for a $250 gun with lightning cuts, threaded barrel and an RMR cut and it shooting like a tack driver I can’t complain about anything. (literally the most accurate gun I have and I own many top manufacturers but this gives amazing groups)

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The pins will come out, you just have to beat them like you mean it. Be careful messing with the take up. The Glock trigger (which the Dagger shares) design is such that two of its primary safety features depend on that take up (the drop safety, and the plunger that blocks the firing pin).

I have one of my Daggers that I put a lone wolf 3.5 lb connector and a 6lb trigger return spring in. The other 2 just have stock triggers. Honestly, they’re all within a whisper of each other in terms of being good trigger. I have no plans to swap the connector or return spring on the other two at this point.


My carry Dagger has all Glock internals. Well worth the time and effort to put one in. Shadow Systems also makes a great trigger group that’s affordable.

My Dagger trigger came in at 4.13lbs out of the box and thats pretty good. What I can’t stand is after hitting the wall the creap go’s and go’s before it breaks. I want some kind of trigger with little take up and breaks right at the wall with minimal pressure.

Break it in. About 150 rds or dry fires did the trick for me.

I’m very pleasantly surprised at the stock trigger feel. I’ve put a couple hundred rounds through my new dagger, plus tons dry firing. Trigger feels really good for a “Glock”. I had planned on swapping the trigger before I even got the gun, now I don’t think I will. I’d like to change the trigger shoe to something a little more Gucci, Really just for aesthetics. Stock trigger is awesome! Great job, PSA!