Dagger trigger upgrades

The stock Dagger trigger is comparable to a Glock OEM unit. The only reason I swapped mine out was because I just like the aesthetic.

welcome to the forums @jdcompton328 !!

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My trigger felt almost perfect right at 400 dry fires (plus 100 rounds shot), so 500 total.


@AmericanPatriot Welcome to the forums!!! It sounds like you’re saying that after about a 500 round break in your trigger is just about perfect… :wink:

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Tactical pontoon leonidas or the excommunicado. Nuff said

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Also agree, but takes the overall pricetag and tosses it out the window. Even the Tactical Pontoon peacekeeper 3, 3.5, or even the 4# is a nice addition.

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Ur right but im a firm believer in you get what you pay for and these guys have the fcg game on lock down as far as quality and reliability is concerned

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i just bought the 3.5 i hope its is good

@coltonx3 Welcome to the forums sir. glad to have you.

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Won’t regret it. I have two of them in my daggers.

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i wanted the timmi but man all i read is problems

The Glock performance trigger seems like it’s a product improved Timney.

But does it work from what I read not even the overwatch or the apex work

That’s what I’m saying. Not sure how it’d fit in a Dagger, but probably just as well as OEM parts. Being product improved is good. Better safety function unlike the Timney, well designed trigger housing, no light strike issues hopefully.
I pulled a Timney, and it felt great. But the person that owned the trigger and gun, always had reliability issues.
The Glock one comes in cheaper too.

Get a Glock OEM trigger and polish it. Then drop it in there and never touch it again unless it’s to clean it.

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just dropped it in wow what a difference cant wait to shoot it feels better than my gen 4 19 with close to 1000 rounds in it

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Okay like how much dry firing? I just completed and shot mine and damned if it wasn’t the exact opposite of the Rock. I could have spent the whole day using the rock, it was perfection. Not saying in an absolute sense just with my experience and abilities it was fantastic.
The dagger was so sloppy that I thought it didn’t fire. Whole lotta mush in there. I just wonder if it’s possible to make it more like a 9 mm rock. The slide looks better and seems sealed better on the rock. There was never a doubt with that rock trigger.

I guess I’m at 40 ish rounds and nearly as much dry. Would have shot more, but I was sweating awfully and couldn’t see. Plus my AKV was just easier to reload and better accuracy.

I’m new to owning a dagger but I would like to say that I do not like the M&P style hinged trigger. To that end I was hoping I could just add a Shadow Systems trigger/trigger bar. It’s a flat faced trigger that is more Glock like. Can anyone tell me if this will negatively impact my dagger? Honestly I just dislike the hinged triggers.

1st off,

I’m sure someone with that knowledge will be along shortly.