The PSA AKV - A Compact AK in 9MM

Posted by Kris Vermillion on December 12, 2018
Posted in: AK

The beauty of so many AR-15 rifles being sold over the last ten years is that the market is now demanding creativity on top of reliability from gun manufacturers.

Palmetto State Armory is proud of its achievements in both regards. The PSA AK-V is a small gun with big ambition; an AK pistol that packs quite the punch. Chambered in 9MM, designed to use Palmetto State Armory U9 magazines (which also work in the CZ Scorpion), and a perfect fit for tight spaces, the AK-V brings versatility and modularity to a classic design.

Because the Vityaz sub-gun wasn't available in the United States during our design process, our expert team, headed by Senior Engineer Colton Sons, reverse-engineered the AK Vityaz using photographs. After rigorous testing and initial feedback, changes and updates were made to the final product, giving you the ultimate, versatile, compact AK that performs like no other.

The AK-V is a 9mm pistol modeled after a design that was built for and used by the Vityaz division of Russian special forces. Vityaz wanted a sub-gun that would work well in tight spaces and allow quick deployment when necessary. Even though Vityaz has since been disbanded, the design of their CQB 9mm lives on.

The Palmetto State Armory AK-V is small, compact, made for 9mm and required to run everything we put through it. Suppressed, un-suppressed, full metal jacket, hollow points, plus p - you name it, we ran it, and it works. We have fed a variety of ammunition through a variety of AK-V setups and it has performed flawlessly each time.

The AK-V is a blowback operating system that runs CZ Scorpion-style magazines. The Palmetto State Armory U9 35 Round Patterned magazine is very affordable and works in both the CZ Scorpion and the AK-V. The magazine features a 'PMX' polymer matrix construction with inserted stainless steel feed-lips, so need to worry about cracking. The pistol also has a last-round bolt hold-open feature, which is not a common feature for an AK.

The charging handle, mag release, and frame of the pistol will all remind you of a classic AK design. However, the modern modifications like the last round bolt hold open, the bolt catch, the SBA3 Brace all make the modern modifications obvious and highlight the fact that this pistol is something entirely all its own.

Looking under the hinged cover will reveal what appears to be a piston inside the pistol. However, that is actually a weight that is designed to match the classic aesthetics of the AK design while providing balance, recoil management, and reliability.

The Palmetto State Armory AK-V carries our Full Lifetime Warranty and is currently rolling out in limited supply at

Dave Windsor
4 years ago at 4:33 AM
Is the price a secret?
Rick Ash
4 years ago at 4:46 AM
When when when are we going to be able to purchase this akv???????
4 years ago at 12:01 AM
Will this product be compatible with a Troy PDW stock, or will the safety interfere with its operation?
John Vermillion
4 years ago at 6:24 PM
So I'm thinking with SB this would need a tax stamp with the stock making it a rifle. Wrong? Right? How soon will production start back up?
Clay R
3 years ago at 2:49 PM
Nope! That \"stock\" is actually a pistol brace. BATFE has determined that a pistol brace is legal and requires no tax stamp. Also, you can shoulder said pistol brace without fear of prosecution.
Joshua Fischer
4 years ago at 10:12 PM
Have my finger on the purchase button... When will these (gen2?) be back in stock with the improvements that were identified to fix the original issues?
4 years ago at 5:36 PM
When will this be back in stock???
Justin Kelbaugh
4 years ago at 6:53 AM
Adam S.
4 years ago at 6:50 AM
When will we be able to see them in stock for more than 2 minutes? Quite a few of us ready to purchase right meow.
Jeffery Wakefield
4 years ago at 10:00 AM
When will they be back in stock?
4 years ago at 12:14 AM
are they ever going to be in stock? we've been waiting...
Peter Biguee
3 years ago at 3:12 PM
I need one and i need one now. What are the specs? Weight, OAL, Etc. Where can i find spec info?
3 years ago at 10:21 PM
Apparently this is a secret. I can find this info NOWHERE and no one is talking. Wtf
3 years ago at 6:18 PM
I have heard that the price will be about 730.00
Roger Harris
3 years ago at 5:55 PM
How does it handle +P 124gn hollowpoints?
Robert Stephenson
3 years ago at 6:56 PM
I finally got my AK-V out to the range for the first. The the gun would cycle after, but the trigger would not release after the first shot. Tried three different mags to make sure. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm definitely disappointed... Waiting to hear back from the PSA folks. I'm hoping we can get this shorted out.
Corey Adams
3 years ago at 5:41 AM
Is Palmetto State still going to release a version of the AKV with the triangular side folding brace in addition to the model with the SB Tactical FS1913?
Gary K
3 years ago at 8:20 AM
Can someone recommend a red dot for the AK-V? Under $250
3 years ago at 2:05 AM
What hand guards work with this weapon?
3 years ago at 5:51 PM
Most standard AK furniture will work with our AK-V. Normal fitting may be required.
william applegate
2 years ago at 4:26 AM
How do you attach a sling to this firearm? Hardware up front but nothing on rear..
2 years ago at 7:30 PM
Please e-mail us at the ecommerce e-mail address with your exact setup, and we can help you out.
Aubrey Terry
2 years ago at 4:12 PM
When will they be available
2 years ago at 10:04 AM
The AKV's are available on a daily basis. We put them in stock in the afternoon's. Due to current demand, they do not last long!
Sean ONeill
2 years ago at 10:25 AM
what is the price and what is the availability
2 years ago at 12:10 PM
The price just depends on the model you are looking for. Demand is high right now, so they do not last long when put in stock!
Gary L Powell
2 years ago at 1:08 AM
When will there be any more put out for sale
2 years ago at 12:24 PM
Throughout the week we put them in stock in the afternoons, usually around 4pm EST. The demand is VERY high right now, so they go quickly!
Got Lucky
2 years ago at 3:40 PM
They Do Not Last (but I got one) Funny thing - tried to order one around 4 pm. As I was in the process someone got there first and poof gone... You just have to be persistent. Paid off for me.. I am currently waiting on mine to be delivered to my FFL. Cheers
Michael Hambleton
3 months ago at 1:37 PM
Do you offer the PSA-AK V Lower separately ?