AK Thread Pitch Guide

Posted by Kris Vermillion on February 10, 2020
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AK Thread Pitch Guide

Going big on the AK means we have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to the platform.

One of the most common questions we get is "What is the thread pitch on my AK-47?"

Above is our easy guide to the thread pitch for our AK Rifle lineup.

Enjoy! And feel free to share.

harold cawley
4 months ago at 10:35 AM
what is the thread size on the ar 47 i just purchased from you.I want to install a blast diverter on it.
Jeff Conger
25 days ago at 11:20 AM
What is the muzzle brake theading on my akp ak47
19 days ago at 3:05 PM
The threads on the AK-P are M24x1.5LH.
Rhett Burroughs
16 days ago at 12:24 PM
I just got the ak47 12.5 pistol with the jl billet furniture. What is the thread pitch?
15 days ago at 12:35 PM
The thread pitch it M14x1 LH.
Jean-Paul M LeMaire
6 days ago at 12:42 PM
What is the muzzle device threading on my PSAk-47 GF3 MOEKOV?
1 day ago at 11:56 AM
The thread pitch is M14x1LH. Thank you, Josiah
3 days ago at 3:24 PM
Does the Gen 2 AK fall into the 14x1 thread pitch group?
1 day ago at 11:57 AM
The GB2's were also M14x1LH. Thank you, Josiah