The PSA AK-V: 3,000 Flawless Rounds at Big 3 East

Posted by Kris Vermillion on April 1, 2019
The PSA AK-V: 3,000 Flawless Rounds at Big 3 East

The Palmetto State Armory AK-V brought its A Game for the Big 3 East Media event in Daytona, FL this week.


A handful of media insiders, industry experts, and law enforcement officers joined in on the fun as we pumped more than 3,000 flawless rounds through an AK-V taken straight off the production line down to Daytona. The new production has implemented several AK-V upgrades to address initial issues in the AK-V. We are highly confident that the latest run of AK-V pistols will exceed your expectations. Neither the Palmetto State Armory staff nor anyone attending the Big 3 East Media Event experienced a failure to feed, extraction issues, or light strikes. What we all did experience was the ease of use in a 9MM blowback operating system combined with the classic functionality of the AK-47 rifle design.


The Palmetto State Armory AK-V is a blowback-operated 9MM AK pistol based on the Vityaz designed sub-gun. The idea is to give the user a compact 9MM firearm that combines form and function into a CQB powerhouse that's also a ton of fun at the range. It's also a head-turner that's certain to be the envy of the range when you show up with it.

The PSA AK-V utilizes our U9 magazine which holds 35 rounds of 9MM ammunition, has steel feed lips, and runs less than $20 on our website. All AK-Vs will ship with the U9 magazine.

The AK-V will work with most Scorpion magazines and our U9 mag will run in the CZ Scorpion as well.

An SB Tactical SBA3 Brace is standard.

Check out the AK-V as shown here with an SBA3 brace, and a 35 round magazine. 


Big 3 East is a fantastic training ground (or playground, if you will) with a variety of shooting ranges and targets that provided the perfect backdrop for showing off the latest production model of the AK-V.

The AK-V's blowback operation, AK styling, and the U9 magazine's 35 round capacity quickly became the big-ticket draw at Big 3 East.


While the initial impulse was to mount a red dot optic and let the brass fly, we wanted to make highlight and prove the reliability and accuracy of the AK-V. It won't roll off the line with a SIG Sauer Romeo5 attached. So why add one here?

What could be so wrong with showing it off exactly how it comes off the production line in our Columbia, SC facility?

Turns out, nothing.

With minimal input from the PSA staff and a couple of sight acquisition dry-runs, shooters were casually ringing steel from 100 yards using the AK-V's iron sights. No red dot needed.

Red dot sight suggested? Sure.

Red dot needed? No way.


The AK-V that went to Daytona is now set to follow us around for a bit. We want to stretch its legs and see how far we can make it run. Watch this blog for updates on when and where you can get up close and personal with the Palmetto State Armory AK-V.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our website for when more will become available to purchase.

4 years ago at 9:57 PM
So are y'all shooting a pistol as though it were a rifle, tucked up to your shoulder? And then publishing pictures? Just asking.
James Tarr
4 years ago at 3:22 PM
read up on the latest ATF letters Jon, as long as you do not otherwise modify the brace, shooting it from the shoulder does not change the legal definition of the firearm. They are very clear in their wording, which is why a lot of major companies (like Springfield Armory with their Saint Edge Pistol) are shooting pistols off the shoulder in their advertising now
4 years ago at 7:04 PM
ATF is #1 in the infringement parade.
4 years ago at 5:42 PM
Mr. Tarr are you not aware of the HISTORY of the \"BATF//BATFE and bump/slide-fire stocks? What had been ruled perfectly legal for years has arbitrarily been ruled ILLEGAL by the same agency with the stroke of a pen, due possible to the criminal misuse by one individual. Perception causing a massive emotional outcry by the \"anti-constitution\" forces claiming we need to do something to stop the killing. A wise man once commented -- just because you can does not mean you should. Yes a right NOT exercised is a right soon lost or forgotten. However relying on the opinion of some transient bureaucrat while disregarding the actual written law - (no matter how flawed or unconstitutional) - seems to be tempting fate.
4 years ago at 3:07 AM
Wish I could buy one of these... Hope PSA can crank some of these out before I spend my money on something else.
4 years ago at 9:30 PM
Check everyday between 330 and 430. Right this moment the FDE, OD and Gray are all available. My question is why is the OD green and FFE $10 more than the gray? I ordered the OD green assuming the $10 added an additional mag.... wishful thinking right....
Todd Pruett
4 years ago at 8:07 PM
Would love to own this gun. I have a Keltec Sub2k with all of the MCarbo upgrades and it's been a really fun gun, but I've been eyeing the Ruger PCC, but I really like this platform in the AK style much better, looking at either buying one of these or possibly the Freedom Ordinance FX MK57 that shoots the 5.7 × 28 but I hear that ammo is a little hard to come by, so maybe look I will purchase this since ammo is so plentiful and cheap. Oh by the way my Sub2k is chambered in 40 and I love it.
3 years ago at 6:28 PM
I bought one and love it, thinking of buying another.
Mark Leach
2 years ago at 1:01 AM
Love my psaakv9mm rifle also . I have both and couldn’t be happier. Ringing steel at 65 yards open sites No red dot required .