California Magazine Capacity Ruling

Posted by Kris Vermillion on April 10, 2019
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California Magazine Capacity Ruling

On March 29, 2019, the United States District Court for the Southern District of California held that California Penal Code Section 32310, which banned magazines with a capacity greater than ten rounds, was unconstitutional and enjoined enforcement of that code section.

In keeping with our mission to manufacture firearms and accessories that provide the maximum benefits of freedom at a competitive price point, Palmetto State Armory proudly became one of the first firearms manufacturers in the country to begin accepting and shipping orders for magazines with a capacity greater than ten rounds to the state of California. We were so successful in our effort that the anti-gun, political players in California used our Facebook and Instagram posts as an exhibit in their motion to the court objecting to the decision.

On April 4, 2019, the District Court entered a stay on its initial ruling in order to allow the case to be heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals but allowed Californians to continue to purchase magazines until 5:00 pm PST on Friday, April 5. On the advice of legal counsel, and in light of hyper-aggressive tactics and harassment by anti-Second Amendment prosecutors in California who have already referenced Palmetto State Armory, in order to comply with the federal court order only those sales that were processed and shipped by 5:00 pm PSA on Friday April 5, 2019 will be completed.

Unfortunately, despite doubling the personnel and giving our best effort, we were unable to ship all orders that were received. For those orders we could not ship by 5:00 PST on Friday April 5 we will contact each customer via email and cancel those orders, issue a refund, and provide a 10% coupon code to be used on a future purchase.

Palmetto State Armory has taken this action to comply with the law and the federal court order.

We will continue to fight to ensure that We the People are not deprived of our God-given right to keep and bear arm, and while we do not agree with certain laws in place today in California, we do respect our judicial system enough to honor those laws while they are being argued in the court.

Palmetto State Armory will file an amicus brief with the Ninth Circuit in support of the District Court's order. We believe in the individual's right to keep and bear arms, and we agree with Judge Benitez when he says that right should be free from arbitrary government infringement. We will also provide funds to the law firm that is fighting for the Second Amendment in California.

Law-abiding gun owners are the front line of defense not only for themselves and their families but for their communities as well. We proudly stand with them in the fight against infringement through government overreach, not only in California, but all across the United States.

Victor Fowler
1 year ago at 12:51 AM
Your continued support of our god given constitutional rights make me glad to be a repeat customer and will remain so as long as you keep supporting this important cause. Thank you Palmetto State Armory, and know that wherever I go I have your stickers front and back on my car, lol.
Ron Franz
1 year ago at 5:19 PM
Now if you could get all my unfortunate friends in Mass to join with the gunowners of CA you would have a large group of people whose voices should be heard but will instead be ignored by those who wish to reinterpret the Constitution. Going to 9th Circuit, guess we all know how that will turn out. All this could be taken care of if someone would just pass a law making it illegal to kill people no matter what method is used. Oh, wait.....
Ron Franz
1 year ago at 11:04 PM
PS I moved out of Mass 5 years ago. I LOVE buying gun parts and ammo from PSA and having it delivered to my door with no hassle! Thank you, PSA
1 year ago at 7:20 PM
Are you able to give out how many 10+ round magazines you were able to send to California?
1 year ago at 10:11 PM
I don't understand why you couldn't continue to ship the magazines out. I made purchases of other magazines at the same time and they are going to be delivered on Monday. I chose to purchase mags from you that day believing you would honor the purchases. If I would have known that you wouldn't honor the purchase, I would purchased the rest of the mags through - who by the way is honoring my purchase made on the same day. I don't know if I'll buy from this company in the future.
1 year ago at 6:39 PM
I agree 100%. Other companies are honoring all orders made before the deadline, I would have spent my money elsewhere too if I knew they wouldn't follow through. Pretty lame for PSA to do this.
Ron F
1 year ago at 7:26 PM
I think they found out that Hi-Cap mags are a cause of cancer in the state of California so to avoid legal repercussions they stopped shipping them ! I think this also applies to Massachusetts, may be a reaction of Liberals, salt air and large amounts of ammo.
Ewan Martin
1 year ago at 7:26 PM
Even with this article posted on their website they did not live up to their proclaimed support to customers. I ordered well within the time frame and they still won’t ship to me. There was no effort to contact me and they kept my money for over a month. Customer service won’t even respond to emails. Garbage company with garbage customer service.
Michael Valiente
1 year ago at 10:56 PM
Thank you, PSA, for your continued support to gun ownership and fighting arbitrary government action, such as the case in CA. I moved from CA to TX and enjoyed immense freedom that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects. Thus, I will continue to support your business and those businesses who don't cower to political correctness!
Nathan Champion
1 year ago at 8:19 PM
Your support for the 2nd Amendment is well noticed and appreciated by the persons like myself that are forced to live by the shortsighted failure to recognize the Constitution and why it was put in place the way it was. It may not be until lawmakers have infringments placed on THEIR safety that their injustices may be recognized.
Greg Smith
1 year ago at 1:46 AM
Why do you good American people continue to put the same gun grabbing politicians back into office.I believe that the founding fathers of this great country would roll over in their graves upon finding people making a career doing public service and then move on to their regular careers I don't think they making a career of public service. Does not really allow regular middle class Americans cannot raise funds or whatever it takes for an average joe to get a seat in congress much less in the Senate. We are not the country we used to be.
11 months ago at 5:25 PM
Sadly, we \"good Americans\" are being outnumbered by people who prefer a nanny state over self-sufficiency. We'll keep up the battle as long as we can.
Terry Hull
1 year ago at 5:54 PM
Dear Liberals and Progressives; What if Russia, China and the rest of their Commie brethren decided its a great time to invade our homeland. Thanks to all you wimps, we won't be having every Tom, Dick and Harry down on the beach shores with their AR's (incl .308, .338 Lapua, etc.)(can you give me a second, I must reload 10 more...) defending our homeland. Thanks for nuth'in you pussy wimp traitors!!!