Garand Thumb and the AK-V

Posted by Kris Vermillion on March 10, 2020
Garand Thumb and the AK-V


The great Flannel Operator of the Northwest has his hands on the Palmetto State Armory AK-V.

Here's the full video and Garand Thumb's thoughts on the AK-V and what makes it great.

"Far superior" as he says in the video.

James Galler
3 years ago at 10:56 PM
You have all this new stuff out but when is the 6.5 Grendel 12\" pistol kit with nitrite barrel ever going to be back in stock I've been waiting for close to a year
3 years ago at 7:28 PM
We are doing just stainless steel for now. In the long-term future we will be doing more nitride. I currently do not have a more detailed timeframe.
3 years ago at 12:42 AM
Are we going to see any articles about the Dagger, Jakl or PSA5?
3 years ago at 7:44 PM
We will post more information as we get it!
3 years ago at 6:15 AM
When are you guys releasing your AK G4? Also, is there a way to know when the AK-E is back in stock? Thank you.
3 years ago at 9:34 AM
The GF4 is slated to be out this quarter, Q3. The best we to get notified on the AK-E is to use the in-stock notifier on the product page of the website.
3 years ago at 9:48 PM
Is the PSAK-74 still on track for Q3 2020?
3 years ago at 3:18 PM
It is still on track for Q3. It will be out very soon!
Daniel Powell
3 years ago at 10:31 AM
Hi Josiah, I just watched your update video with Hank Strange and am excited about the Jakl release. I have a question. Will the Jakl be available with with a longer rail? I understand this would make the gas block harder to adjust but I think having a rail that gives you a clean/flush look with a suppressor would be highly desirable - at least in the 300blk model. I could see making a simple tool for adjusting the gas block under the rail. Will the 556 model have a longer rail than the 300blk model shown on your Facebook page? If so, would those be interchangeable with the 300blk rail? Thanks for the info and keep up the great work!
3 years ago at 3:46 PM
The receiver is going to be monolithic, meaning the "rail" is part of the upper receiver. There will be one length of upper receiver for each caliber.
Daniel Powell
3 years ago at 3:46 PM
Understood. Sorry I missed the mono upper. Could you guys post some pics of it with a suppressor attached?