How to Disassemble an AR-15 BCG - PSA Quick Tip

Posted by Palmetto State Armory on January 21, 2022
How to Disassemble an AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

Hey guys, Tye from Palmetto State Armory here with another quick tip video. Today we're going to be disassembling our AR-15 BCG or bolt carrier group. Let's begin.

Parts & Tools Used:

Removing the Firing Pin [00:25]

To start we're going to begin by removing the firing pin retaining pin. I'm just going to grab a hold of it and pull it out from the left-hand side. Next, we'll remove the firing pin, to do so we'll give the back of the carrier a little tap and it'll pop right out.

Bolt Removal [00:40]

Now for the bolt. We're going to push the bolt all the way to the back of the carrier and then rotate the cam pin 90 degrees. This will allow it to escape out past the gas key. Next, the bolt itself. We'll simply pull it out through the front of the carrier.

Inspection and Cleaning [00:57]

Now we want to make sure we give everything a light coat of oil when we go to clean it.

And we want to check for carbon as well. You're gonna wanna check for carbon on the back of the bolt right here on the front of the firing pin right here. And then on the inside of the carrier where the bolt is housed. These three spots tend to have a lot of carbon buildup.

BCG Reassembly [01:21]

Now let's get everything reassembled.

Grab the bolt and the carrier and push the bolt back in. We're going to want to make sure that we keep the extractor on the right-hand side and then line up this hole that's in the bolt with the channel for the cam pin. The cam pin will simply slide right in and then we'll rotate it back 90 degrees as it originally was. We'll pull the bolt forward now.

Now for the firing pin. We'll just come in through the rear of the carrier and then we'll take the retaining pin and pop it in.

Now your BCG is reassembled and ready to go back in the firearm.

Hey guys. Thanks for watching. Be sure to check out all of our other blog articles and videos. See you next time.

Anthony Tucker
1 year ago at 10:47 AM
Great video I really needed that. ????????
Terry Bowersox
1 year ago at 11:43 AM
Good video, concise information, simple step by step !!! I would add seeing the gas rings on the bolt being offset before reinstalling into the carrier.
johnny j
1 year ago at 2:59 PM
so ez a cavewoman can do it
1 year ago at 5:17 PM
Why did you leave out the EXTRACTOR, SPRING, and PIN? That is the video that needs to be shown. HOW TO DISASSEMBLE AN AR-15 BCG video absolutely should include the EXTRACTOR which is a vital part of the BCG.
Palmetto State Armory
1 year ago at 9:37 PM
The bolt disassembly is an important process, thats why you should stay tuned! We will be covering this exact topic while replacing some commonly worn out parts with our PSA AR15 Bolt Repair Kit in another video in the not too distant future.
Anthony R. Molins
1 year ago at 11:23 PM
Informative and reaffirming. Now we need a video for the disassembly of the BCG of the 308Win PC-10.
Terry Bumgardner
1 year ago at 5:23 PM
Also the ejector roll pin, ejector and spring...especially reassembly.
Tom Sanders
1 year ago at 12:05 PM
Good summary but it never mentions proper lubrication before reassembly. That is an extremely important step in the process if you want the gun to perform properly.