How to Disassemble Your PSA Dagger - PSA Quick Tip

Posted by Palmetto State Armory on February 22, 2022
How to Disassemble Your PSA Dagger

Pistol, Parts & Tools List:

Hey guys, welcome back. I'm Tye with Palmetto State Armory, and today we're going to be discussing one of the most commonly asked questions on the website. How do I disassemble my PSA 9mm dagger? Let's dig in now. The first step in disassembly is the same for every firearm in that.

So to begin, we're going to cover the four firearm safety rules:

  1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Do not load the firearm until ready to use.
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire.

For more information on shooting responsibly and firearm safety, read our blog post Back to the Basics of Firearm Safety.

Step 1: Disassembling the Dagger [00:52]

Now that that's out of the way let's start taking this thing apart. Our next steps will be clearing the firearm and separating the slide from the frame. To do this, you grab hold of the firearm while keeping it pointed in a safe direction and drop the mag. We'll set it aside for now. And then we'll take hold of the slide and rack it, pushing up on the slide release to lock it back.

And then we can check to make sure that the firearm is clear, it is. We can send the slide home and begin to remove it. To do so, we'll grab the firearm just like so, wrapping our hand over it, pulling back slightly just to charge it a little bit. We'll pull down on the slide, lock it and let this slide go forward; while maintaining our hold on the lock, we'll pull the trigger. This will let the slide come free and the frame and slide are now separated. 

Now let's get the slide apart. To begin, we'll remove the recoil spring assembly. We're just going to simply pull it up and away from the barrel. Then to remove the barrel, we're going to push up on it from the ejection port and pull it up and out of the way. Now the slide is completely disassembled. 

Step 2: Dagger Maintenance [02:10]

Now let's talk maintenance. There are a few spots in this firearm we really want to make sure are lubricated well for it to perform at its best. Starting with the frame. There are four rails that you really want to make sure there's oil on. These four points or what contact the slide itself.

Next, the slide. You want to make sure that there's a light coat of oil on the inside of these rails here and on this strip across the back of the slide. Next, is the barrel itself. In general, just give everything a nice light coat and you'll be set. 

Step 3: Reassembly and Functions Check [02:47]

Now for reassembly. We'll start with the slide. Grabbing it and the barrel, the barrel will just slide right in and we want to make sure it's seated as far back in the slide as possible.

Next, the recoil spring assembly, making sure we have the small button end facing forward, we're going to simply place it into the slide and lock it into the barrel. Now we're going to rejoin the frame and the slide together. To do so we'll slide the slide onto the rails that we talked about earlier and rack it back.

Now the firearm is back together. Our final step is going to be completing a functions check. To do so, we'll grab hold of the firearm. We're going to rack the slide and then we're going to pull the trigger. While holding the trigger, we're going to rack the slide again, and we're going to listen and feel for the trigger to reset.

As long as it resets, you're done. You've successfully taken apart and reassembled your dagger. 

Hey guys, thanks for watching. Be sure to hit us up in the comments section down below if you have any questions and check out the description for the complete parts and tools list of everything you saw on the video today, we'll catch you next time.

Mike Brickman
1 year ago at 2:29 PM
Great tutorial and professional grade production...All a new Dagger owner needs to disassemble/reassemble the pistol...You've brought to market a very high quality product at an amazing prize, PSA...Hit!
SGM Wells
6 months ago at 10:51 AM
Will the new PSA DAGGER FULL SIZE be made in FDE?
Brad Barcia
1 year ago at 5:48 PM
How is the slide fully disassembled? Your not gonna show how the extractor and firing pin goes in or comes out? I think that's pretty important when you clean these p80 Glock clone pistols.
Palmetto State Armory
1 year ago at 10:21 AM
Hey Brad, stay tuned. We will be doing full build in the future for Dagger slides. It will show how to install and remove all of the slides internal components. For this basic breakdown though, we just wanted to keep it simple.
Ryan Conley
1 year ago at 9:19 PM
Now do a second video on how to remove the roll pins without damaging the frame.
Joshua Cates
1 year ago at 12:13 PM
Good stuff. So far, so good with my dagger.
Allan Marks
1 year ago at 9:20 PM
I’ve purchased 4 PSA Dagger pistols -- of the two most recent ones (both have the standard black slide) the front sight screws are impossible to turn loose and the rear sights won’t budge. The front sight screws are so tight that the hex corners stripped on one, and when I took the other to my gunsmith he said that they must have been assembled with an air compressor tool because he couldn’t get either the front or rear sights to move. I really need to replace the stock sights -- can you help?
1 year ago at 9:08 PM
The mag that came with it falls out after every shot. Glock OEM mags fall out as well. Is there a fix for this problem?
James Mann
10 months ago at 2:12 PM
Great video
Mike Davis
7 months ago at 9:23 PM
ordered 2 daggers and one came with the WRONG cover plate for the docter cut on the slide..they sent me a rmr cover plate..called and emailed.. NOBODY has contacted me yet and its been passed 5 days now!! Talked to 2 agents now and nobody cant just send me a cover plate..whats the deal????you guys really show you care about your customers..
Jaime Gonzalez
1 month ago at 3:05 AM
I’m trying to remove the back plate to get to the firing pins but I can’t for the life of me get it off. Can I get some help?
Edgardo Flores
1 month ago at 10:13 AM
I want to know if the dagger comes in 10mm cal.