How to Install Anti Walk Pins - PSA Quick Tip

Posted by Palmetto State Armory on April 28, 2022
Installing Anti Walk Pins

Hey, y'all welcome to another quick tip by Palmetto State Armory today. We're talking trigger pins. So let's jump right. 

These PSA custom anti-walk pins are a great addition to any build.

They mitigate movement during the course of fire, which increases the trigger’s accuracy, and reliability while also protecting the receiver's trigger holes from becoming elongated.

Inside, you will get two hex keys, the installation accessory, two anti-walk pins, and their adjoining screws. These are available in both stainless and nitrided finishes. 

Parts and Tools List: 

The tools you'll need for this are a hammer, a bench block, and possibly a punch if your original pins are being stubborn. Today, if needed, I'll be using a ⅛” punch. Now that we got the parts and tools out of the way, let's jump into this installation.

Step 1: Hammer Pin Removal and Replacement [01:07]

Now, before we start, we want to make sure that the hammer is in the fire position. Then we'll grab one of our anti-walk pins and the installation accessory. We’ll screw the tip of the installation accessory onto the anti-walk pin and we'll use this pointed tip to knock out our hammer pin. To do so we'll grab our hammer, place the pin over it and just knock it into place. Now, depending on your bench block, you may need to remove the old pin to get it seated all the way. Once it's all the way through. We can remove the accessory and we can move on to the trigger pin. 

Step 2: Trigger Pin Removal and Replacement [01:58]

Following the same steps. We'll install the accessory tip onto the anti-walk pin, lining it up with the trigger pin. We'll knock it into place. Make sure it's seated. We'll remove the tip. And now we can put on the screws to make sure that these are lined up correctly.

Step 3: Securing the Anti-Walk Pins [02:26]

Now for this next part, you're going to want to make sure that you have both the pin screws and your two hex keys. To start we're just going to grab one of the screws and choosing either pin, we'll go ahead and get the thread started. We're not going to worry about tightening it down yet. We just want to get it in there and make sure it's held in place. We'll do the same for the hammer pin now. Just getting started and now both are held in place. We're just going to pull it up, grabbing our first hex key, making sure it's seated on the correct side. Get the adjoining screw. We're just going to tighten it down. Give it a little torque and she's good to go. Move on to the hammer pin. Both are seated. Give it a little twist and she's in place. 

Step 4: Functions Check [03:38]

Now we're ready to check the function.

With it on safe, we'll pull the trigger. It does not fire. Put it on fire. Pull the trigger, the hammer falls while holding the trigger, push down on the hammer. Make sure it resets.

It does, fire it again and we'll put it back on safe. Now your lower is ready to go back onto the upper and you're ready to hit the range.

Hey guys, thanks for watching. Be sure to hit us up in the comment section down below. If you have any questions and check out the description for the complete parts and tools list and everything you saw in the video today, we'll catch you next time.

Joe Cartagena
11 months ago at 11:55 AM
Great tip
11 months ago at 12:01 PM
Very nice video. Questions: 1) Do the screws come with blue LockTite or similar product? 2) Would recommend blue LockTite? 3) Is there a torque value for these screws? Again, very good video. Many thanks, Joe
11 months ago at 3:17 PM
Do they come in Black?
11 months ago at 12:03 PM
Yes. If you read right above the Parts and Tools List, it states "available in both stainless and nitrided [black] finishes", with links to both on PSA's website.
Louis Camblor
11 months ago at 12:01 PM
Nice tip on anti walk pins,, but, searching anti walk pins on your site produces no results.. It seems that you’re tip is for something that you don’t offer for sale.
Palmetto State Armory
11 months ago at 3:03 PM
Sorry to hear you could not find them, here is a direct link to all the anti walk pins we offer. Also there are links in the description above to both sets of PSA Anti Walk pins.
Mike G.
5 months ago at 4:57 PM
Hello PSA, might there be a date soon when 762x39 uppers that fit your Premium AR15 lowers?? Thank you. Have a great day.
4 months ago at 3:43 PM
I bought some of these for a build with a ballistic advantage lower, and there is play side to side when the screws are secured. Does this mean I need the large pins? Not even sure if large pins will fit the lower.
3 months ago at 4:52 PM
I'm having the same problem as Josh with the pins having slop side to side with everything snug. I'm using an Aero lower and a PSA drop in trigger.
Zac Combs
3 months ago at 10:45 AM
I have a PA10 .308 win Best rifle I’ve ever owned Can you make me a 30.06 upper with a 24” barrel to fit this lower. Make me a CZAR10. How much