New Site & Features

Posted by Will Bebee on April 14, 2020
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New Site & Features

Here at PSA, our goal is to spread freedom as far and wide as possible with:

  1. American Made Products backed by our Lifetime Warranty.
  2. Fairest pricing in the market.
  3. The best possible experience.

Do we get it perfect every time? No, we don't, but you wouldn't believe how hard we all are working to make it right & better every single day.

Here are some new site features we're happy to release:

Better Shopping

Not only did we update the user-interface, we tried making the path-to-purchase better for all customers. We highlighted PSA product so it's easier to view what & where new PSA Platforms (e.g. PA-15, PA-10, AK-V, AK-P) are released. Be on the lookout for new product releases or simply sign up for our Daily Deal to get the latest news.

Smoother Checkout

We've made big improvements on our Checkout for an easier & clearer way to purchase.

Preferred FFL

Customers must create an account or login to their existing account to use this feature.

Logged-in customers can now Save their FFL for repeat purchases ultimately resulting in less clicks during the Checkout process. This will save them a few extra seconds to get that desired item that keeps going Out of Stock quickly.

Manage Your Preferred FFL in the Checkout or My Account

You can either choose your Preferred FFL in the Checkout or another FFL

Saved Payments

Customers must create an account or login to their existing account to use this feature.

Logged-in customers can now Save their preferred form of payment (Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discovery) ultimately resulting in less clicks during the Checkout process. This will save them a few extra seconds to get that desired item that keeps going Out of Stock quickly.

PSA never touches, looks at, or saves your credit card information. Instead we use a state-of-the-art technology (used by many Fortune 500 companies) that encrypts all sensitive data. This is called "Tokenization".

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token. Tokenization is often used to prevent credit card fraud. For credit card tokenization, the customer’s primary account number is replaced with a series of randomly-generated numbers, which is called the "token". These tokens can be passed through the internet to process the payment without actual bank details being exposed.

Manage Your Saved Payments in your My Account

Your Saved Payment will save a few keystrokes in the Checkout

Buy Now!

Customers must create an account or login to their existing account to use this feature.

Logged-in customers can now make purchases instantly from the product page, all you have to do to leverage this is have a Customer Account and Saved Payment on file within your account.

Coming Soon!

Right now, the Buy Now only applies to Non-FFL items, soon we'll allow you to buy guns with the Buy Now feature.

Price per Round

We have updated all of Ammunition products with Price-per-Round and you can now shop based on the best Price-per-Round.

Retail Inventory

For our local customers, we also display Retail Inventory for any available products to pickup in the store, please be mindful that pricing and availability will not be perfect.

Customers are advised to call the store to confirm inventory and ensure store hours are up-to-date.

Better Help Center

We have consolidated all of our documentation into a single spot so that you find the answers you need. We're still continuing to make improvements but if you can't find the answer you need, please let us know and we'll make it right. Check it out here!

Where's My Shipment

Want to know where your package is but can't get through to CSR? Please use our self-help form that lets you check your order as many times throughout the day without waiting on the phone with Customer Service. Check it out here!

Saved for Later

Customers must create an account or login to their existing account to use this feature.

Waiting to buy an item later? Well, don't wait too long before it goes proverbially Out-of-Stock! But if you must, there's now an easier way to see it throughout your purchase journey. Don't worry, it will be waiting for you in the cart.

PSA Defense for SC Customers

Local PSA customers can now register for their Concealed Weapons Permit on the site. It's an easy & intuitive way to register. All we need now is COVID-19 to pass. Check it out here!


Coming Soon!

Dealer Portal

Coming Soon!

Best of all — NEW GUNS!

Coming Soon!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you have ideas on how we can spread freedom farther & wider, please let us know.

If you are having issues with the website or would like to make a suggestion directly, please go to our Contact Page and select Website Issues / Comments..

Rob king
5 months ago at 7:16 AM
When can I get the dagger?
James Baker
5 months ago at 7:36 AM
These website upgrades look pretty awesome. I can’t wait to start using them and see how they work.
Jerry Skupin
5 months ago at 7:47 AM
Why is an order going to Michigan being charged sales tax?
4 months ago at 3:20 PM
Due to the SCOTUS Wayfair ruling, we are required to collect sales tax if the state mandates it.
Braxton Overton
5 months ago at 7:56 AM
Nothing negative here to say at all. I just want to say how happy I am that y’all literally are single handedly making sure our freedoms are spread as far and as fast as possible. I love how cheap your producing things but making them with some serious quality. It seriously makes me happy. Y’all are the reason the records for gun sales in a month continue to rise. Without PSA... millions of guns wouldn’t be in the USA. Most importantly, Everything y’all do is proudly made in the USA. Damn right. Best damn country on earth! And guys at psa, I don’t know who designed the new website, but I love it. I know many others will to. Thank you psa for all you do. You have my heart forever
Caleb Henderson
5 months ago at 9:03 AM
Looks great ya'll
Joshua Hallman
5 months ago at 9:13 AM
I like the new site so far!! Keep up the good works everyone!
Joshua Hallman
5 months ago at 9:13 AM
Welcome to the future!! Looking good!!
Frank Hemmer
5 months ago at 10:50 AM
I was referred to your store by a friend. I only uses 22 magnum and .380 ammo of which you have none. Any idea when it will be in stock?
4 months ago at 3:40 PM
Ammo is flying off the shelves everywhere now! I would recommend using our "in stock notifier" to let you know when the item you want comes back in stock.
5 months ago at 11:12 AM
A lay-away program would be great next to the financing option.... Also, you guys seem to be out of stock a lot!! (Which is a great thing!!) Any plans on expanding the factory???
Patrick Bickel
5 months ago at 11:21 AM
Great new website! Pages load much faster and I can navigate around the website quicker & with ease. I also like being able to save my preferred FFL dealer rather than having to lookup and choose each time. You guys knocked it out of the park with the new website.
Aaron Sauther
5 months ago at 11:55 AM
Great so I can use the saved payments to snag a 74 the very second it hits production. Any more news on when exactly we will see the 74 for sale?
4 months ago at 3:41 PM
I do not have an exact date, but it will be soon!
5 months ago at 2:25 PM
This new website is great! A drastic improvement over the old one.
Aaron Landsberger
5 months ago at 4:14 PM
New site is nice. Just one issue. The main top banner takes up 1/4 of the screen and doesn't scroll away. Can you shrink it or let it scroll off the top and I can go back to it if I need it?
4 months ago at 3:52 PM
Thank you for the feedback!
Bryan Johnson
5 months ago at 6:23 PM
Looks good.
Cory Bromby
5 months ago at 9:28 PM
Looks like you removed the ability to save notes for each item on the wish list. Is that feature coming back?
4 months ago at 4:01 PM
Thank you for the feedback. We are looking into it.
John Moorehead
5 months ago at 1:59 AM
Looks outstanding, guys! I've been a PSA customer for a while now, and I'm pleased to see the website's new look. Thank you for all of the hard work you've put into making PSA the best sanctuary for 2A folks on the internet
Alfredo Robles
5 months ago at 2:35 AM
Haven't been on the site in a long time and the only problem I'm running into is whenever I click on the item it displays normally but after a few seconds the pictures and description of the item don't show up. This is when I'm viewing it on my phone I have tried it on a PC yet.
4 months ago at 3:58 PM
Thank you for the feedback.
5 months ago at 5:17 AM
A great site made even BETTER! Keeping with the company's philosophy of bringing the best products to it's customers most efficiently!!
5 months ago at 6:22 AM
it would be nice to see new and used firearm availability by location. im willing to drive to different locations if I know items are available. it just seems like there is no definitive way to know whats in the store short of calling or going there in person.
Lyndol Dykes
5 months ago at 10:20 AM
Your new site shows my order as delivered when it hasn't even shipped.
4 months ago at 4:00 PM
Thank you for the feedback.
5 months ago at 1:09 PM
Hey guys, Magento developer and customer here. I lOVE the design refresh! Totally modernizes the site and is a much welcomed improvement! Good job to everyone! If I run across any bugs, I'll let you guys know ;-)
Robert Brantley
5 months ago at 4:13 PM
Like the new site
Ross Kryda
5 months ago at 4:46 PM
You offer life saving equipment that is most importantly, reliable and reasonably priced, keep up the great work
Peter Hinkle
4 months ago at 9:57 PM
Is there any chance you guys might implement something like Sportsmen’s Guide 4pay? I swear, I’d buy two guns a month from y’all if I could split up the total over a few automatic payments. I was doing that with them but they don’t have the awesome guns you do and certainly not the great prices.
4 months ago at 4:05 PM
We will be offering a financing option in the near future!
4 months ago at 8:02 PM
Great can't wait till coming soon becomes now
Greg Kirby
4 months ago at 11:50 AM
Can you please make the 'Out of Stock' bigger front and maybe a different color? Scrolled through a couple of pages before I realized items were 'Out of Stock'
4 months ago at 4:18 PM
Thank you for the feedback.
4 months ago at 5:44 PM
Outstanding! Thank you.
Brad Garrett
4 months ago at 6:30 PM
at first I was oh no, kinda like getting a new cell phone, looked all different and hard to navigate but with in a few minutes I see the well thought out tabs and pathways of the redesign. Now get the psa-47's back in stock and life is golden. thanks.
jared rawlins
4 months ago at 7:55 AM
I like the quality of life changes the website shows, and everything is easier on the eyes
John Baca
4 months ago at 4:28 PM
Please please please sell some stand alone KS-47 bolt carrier groups! SKU: 5165451327. Working on a custom build and have everything except the most important part, the bcg! Have been on the "notify me when in stock" waiting list so long I had to sign up again recently. Would be incredibly appreciative!
4 months ago at 4:20 PM
I will send the suggestion up the chain of command. All parts right now are going to complete builds.
Zach Walton
4 months ago at 11:14 PM
Really love your products. But really dislike your new website. !! Lost my items in my cart New site is not user friendly sorry Zachary
Sherice Myers
4 months ago at 11:16 PM
Just wondering about the Free Wednesday for ladies! There’s no time or any other info to better understand! Especially for first timers.
4 months ago at 4:23 PM
Wednesday is still free for ladies!
4 months ago at 10:45 AM
Is there any updates on the ak74 release? I'm waiting with bated breath
4 months ago at 4:38 PM
The AK74 will be out soon. I do not have an exact date, but it will not be much longer!
4 months ago at 2:11 PM
Any updates on the dagr or the ps5 coming on the market?
4 months ago at 4:36 PM
The Dagger will be out shortly, and the PSA5 will be out this year!
4 months ago at 9:08 PM
Can the AK-V take a ZenitCo PT-3 buttstock with a 5.5mm rus or 4.5mm arsenal hinge without modification? Also will the AK-V be back in stock anytime soon?
4 months ago at 3:38 PM
The AK-V uses our puzzle piece modular trunnion, so it does not have the ability to accept side-folding stocks. If your stock has a folding mechanism and it attaches to a standard AKM trunnion you will be good to go. We are putting more AK-V's in stock each afternoon!
Joseph Schmidt
4 months ago at 6:41 PM
New site looks good but harder to filter searches and no “in stock only” option is killing me. I have to scroll through a bunch of out of stock items to find what is actually available.
4 months ago at 11:33 AM
Thank you for the feedback. When you go to the category you are looking for or searching, the in-stock items should always appear at the top of the page.
4 months ago at 8:31 PM
First off just want to thank you guys, PSA is awesome. I find myself on your website just to look around at least twice a week! But anyways I have one question on the ARV .. I say the Ambi charging handle and mag release was wondering if the safety selector was also Ambi, or could be switched to the left handed side..safely (left hander here) . my wife is right handed so we usually buy fully Ambi guns . The ARV looking to fit the bill! Again thank for any info.. Also the idea of using the akv mags on the Arv was genius. I’m absolutely in love with the design of the ARV .. just make enough so I can buy one day one!! Love you guys
4 months ago at 12:38 PM
The ARV will come with a standard selector, but standard aftermarket selectors will work with it.
4 months ago at 12:30 AM
Do you guys ship CA roster pistols to California? Website doesn't allow it and not getting any responses from customer service.
4 months ago at 2:34 PM
Yes, we will ship firearms that are listed on the CA roster.
Brent White
4 months ago at 11:58 AM
In these uncertain times it is heartening to find people turning out an excellent product at a reasonable price. I purchased an elk hunter ar-10 and an 18 inch complete upper in 308 assembled and shot less than 1 inch groups at 100 yds. using federal hi-shok 150 grain factory ammo.
4 months ago at 6:10 PM
Can we get an update to sort by In Stock items?
4 months ago at 9:29 AM
We appreciate your feedback. Under any category or search, the in-stock items will always show up at the top of the page.
Justin Guglielmo
4 months ago at 8:18 PM
Love the new site! Now im ready for the new products to be released!!!
4 months ago at 3:15 PM
I just want to say you guys are awesome and I can't wait until you get your inventory back!
Max M.
4 months ago at 4:13 AM
Wondering if there is a ARV date to be released.
4 months ago at 9:36 AM
We are looking at a Q3 release!
4 months ago at 12:04 PM
Will there be an announcement prior to the Dagger becoming available?
4 months ago at 4:01 PM
Your best bet as far as a notification is to watch the website once a day to see if it is listed. If it is listed, you can sign up for the in-stock notification. The other option is to join our main facebook page.
4 months ago at 6:34 PM
The new website isn't playing nice with Firefox on my Samsung Android phone. It looks like it mostly leads OK, then the images start bouncing around and then a solid overlay seems to cover all the content. I've tried clearing my browser cache, cookies, etc., no luck.
4 months ago at 9:14 AM
Thank you for the feedback!
Meat head
3 months ago at 8:30 PM
Nice site would look absolutely perfect with an mp5 or dagger on it............
3 months ago at 2:14 PM
What happened to the AK menu on the top list?
3 months ago at 4:23 PM
All the AK's are now listed under the "PSA Products" tab.
Max. M
3 months ago at 4:15 PM
Q3!!! Been checking the website everyday since July 1st.. just two and a ha fi more months to go then!
3 months ago at 9:19 AM
My only issue is that everything is out of stock.
3 months ago at 10:11 AM
Demand is high right now. It is hard to keep ANYTHING in stock!
Millard Heath
3 months ago at 5:32 PM
When will the PSA Jackal be available for purchase and what will the price be?
3 months ago at 5:57 PM
The JAKL will be available late Q3, or early Q4. I do not have an exact price point yet.
Jay Stormont
3 months ago at 3:49 PM
Do you send out regular advertising e-mails? I've signed up a couple of times and haven't gotten a thing yet.
3 months ago at 2:19 PM
We have added you to our e-mail list!
Max M
3 months ago at 11:28 PM
Just showing some love! Super excited for the Arv! Are there going to be any more videos coming out on the Arv before launch date? Just to actually see it. Can’t find a good picture of it online. Let me get a 10.5 version!!!
Jakob B
3 months ago at 2:37 AM
How often do the AK-P's restock? I would love to add one to my collection but can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. I know they probably sell about as fast as you can stock them. I'm hoping the in stock notification system will give me enough time to place an order on next restock.
3 months ago at 10:00 AM
The AK-P's replenish almost every afternoon at about 3-4pm. They do sell out extremely fast!
Jimmy "Dale" Ralls
3 months ago at 11:13 PM
Hey guys I am loving the products I have got from you so far. Shipping time has been good too given the current situation. I am hoping to purchase a new 16 inch 5.56 upper. Do you guys have any kind of idea when those products might be available again? I know demand is really high and everyone is running low on stock. Just curious to know if you had a timeline. Thanks
3 months ago at 4:24 PM
Demand is REALLY high right now! We put them in stock every day, but they sell out quickly. I would use the in-stock notifier to alert you when what you are looking for comes back in stock.
Dean Hardin
3 months ago at 7:13 PM
Picked up my rifle from my ffl store today. I haven't been able to get the s.e. grin off of my face all day. 3 rounds to zero, 2in group @ 100yds. Amazing quality. Will be a repeat customer for life after this purchase.
Max The ARV Lover
3 months ago at 8:36 PM
New month still on the lookout for the ARV ..
Oleg Kuleshov
3 months ago at 9:09 AM
Hi, how long it takes to ship a gun to ffl now
2 months ago at 4:14 PM
We are at about 8-10 business days to ship.
Zach summer
2 months ago at 9:10 PM
When can we get our hands on the new flagship pistol, PSA Dagger?!
2 months ago at 4:26 PM
It will be very soon! We are waiting on an ATF approval and then they will launch!
2 months ago at 12:52 PM
Your site says “Up to 15 days for upper to Ship” when I called the customer service line the recording says currently shipping for 01/29/2020? Could you please clarify - Thank you
2 months ago at 1:06 PM
I just listened to the recording and didn't hear anything about January. It does take up to 15 days for uppers or build kits to ship. Please just go by the terms and conditions on the website. Our current phone number is (803)724-6950
2 months ago at 1:20 AM
Need an ak74u before election please.
rodolfo borromeo
2 months ago at 6:06 PM
Is there any way to pre order the Dagger pistol?? I’m dying to get my hands one.... or 3.
2 months ago at 11:26 AM
We currently do not have any plans for a pre-order that I am aware of.
Mac M
2 months ago at 7:53 AM
Will the ARV and dagger release at the same time after atf approval ?
2 months ago at 2:39 PM
The Dagger will be first to come out, followed by the AR-V in early Q4. Variances have all been approved for the AR-V.
Jesse Robinson
2 months ago at 12:50 AM
Is there anywhere to sign up for news on the psa5
Joseph Bevel
2 months ago at 12:20 PM
Are you guys still releasing the ak74 this month you said last month it would be the first 2 weeks of August
2 months ago at 2:52 PM
If you are on the website at around 3-4:30 time frame and are quick enough, you might be able to get one!
2 months ago at 4:33 PM
When will the AK 74 be back in stock?
2 months ago at 4:27 PM
I do not have an eta on the next batch. I would use the in-stock notifier.
Christopher W
2 months ago at 10:47 PM
Any idea on rough Dagger time frame?
2 months ago at 4:55 PM
We are just waiting on the ATF. It will be out shortly!
Griffin Sowards
2 months ago at 4:55 PM
Will both models be available at launch?
2 months ago at 5:16 PM
I am not 100% sure how many different models will be available during initial launch. We will find out soon!
Griffin S
2 months ago at 3:27 PM
Months and months go by and no .22lr AR full uppers available. When?
2 months ago at 5:09 PM
We will be making more in the long-term future, but with demand being higher for other products, we are focusing on those other products now.
Alexander Bjornsson
2 months ago at 10:51 AM
I hope you guys have more akp's in stock soon I've been trying to snag one for like 3 months ???? if they are as good as people say they are I'll wait another 3 if I have too. Love your guys aks looking forward to getting one in a pistol format keep up the good work fellas.
2 months ago at 2:35 PM
We put them in stock throughout the week. Demand is very high right now, so you just have to be looking constantly. If you join our Facebook group: "Palmetto State Armory AK Owners," they may be able to give you a better heads up.
Alex Wilson
2 months ago at 8:15 PM
Is there a way to add a saved payment without making a purchase. When I go to Saved Payments page, I just get the message "You do not have any saved payment methods because you have not added any yet. For more information on adding payment methods, Click Here." And click here just links to the PSA homepage. Thanks!
2 months ago at 5:14 PM
Thank you for pointing that out. Someone is looking into it.
1 month ago at 12:14 PM
How about a list of Gun Shows that PSA will be participating in as a vendor?
1 month ago at 1:18 PM
It is a good idea, but we do not attend gun shows. Each store is a gun show in and of itself!
Martin Givens
1 month ago at 4:54 AM
When is your next batch of AKVs in 9mm going to be available?
1 month ago at 12:40 PM
They are released during the week at around 2-4pm. I do not know ahead of time when they go in stock, and which day during the week. I wish I could be of more help!
andrew cilli
1 month ago at 3:19 PM
I see that the Dagger 9mm is on the website now, but it is the basic model. When can we expect the different variants: threaded barrel, raised sights and pre-cut area on slide for reflex sights?
1 month ago at 4:12 PM
In the coming weeks we will be releasing many different models of the Dagger. Threaded barrel, Optics Ready....
1 month ago at 9:44 AM
Their will be plenty more Daggers in the coming weeks!
thomas hodges
1 month ago at 5:50 PM
It's kind of useless to announce a new product, and give no ideal of the price, because it's currently out of stock.
1 month ago at 4:09 PM
The price of the base model is still what we announced at SHOT, $299!
Alejandro Francia
1 month ago at 4:24 PM
When will the Optic ready Dagger be available for sale?
1 month ago at 9:35 AM
I do not have an exact date, but it will be in the coming weeks.
Russell Bowser
1 month ago at 2:31 PM
When will the gen 3 psa uppers be in stock again? Is there a certain day or frequency?
29 days ago at 1:59 PM
There isn't a set time, it is just when we have all the parts made and ready to assemble. Things are still crazy!
Rodney Becker
1 month ago at 6:43 PM
A little late but using the new setup is great.
29 days ago at 11:21 AM
Looking forward to being able to buy my first fiream soon! Do you know approximately when you will have financing available?
29 days ago at 2:02 PM
We will have the financing portion in the future, but I do not have a date. It will be well into 2021 most likely.
Woody Highsmith
27 days ago at 8:28 PM
Congrats on the Successful Bid on DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC, and Parker brands from the Remington Bankruptcy. Aim small , miss small!
Kinder Cannon
24 days ago at 3:34 PM
So when are you opening a store in Savannah, GA?
23 days ago at 10:51 AM
No date has been set yet, but we are hoping for sometime in November.
Harvey Drewes III
21 days ago at 4:39 PM
Chinese Spiker release date, please? My wallet is burning a hole in my pants! Please help!!
19 days ago at 12:11 PM
Realistically the Spiker will see a 2021 release.
18 days ago at 6:41 AM
How often do you restock ammo?
17 days ago at 1:33 PM
The ammunition supply chains are all messed up in the whole industry right now! Basically, to answer your question, as soon as it comes it, we put it in stock!
17 days ago at 8:20 PM
Any eta on when the KS-47 uppers might be in-stock again?
16 days ago at 2:56 PM
We should have more complete uppers in stock in about two weeks. I would use the in-stock notifier to help you get one.
Tyler Loop
10 days ago at 12:21 AM
Been waiting for y'alls 16in 5.56 upper with stainless steel and pencil barrel for about 2 months. I check about everyday you got any clue at all when they will be in stock? thanks
9 days ago at 11:43 AM
I just checked. Unfortunately we do not have plans for any pencil barrels in the near future.
8 days ago at 3:07 AM
When will more Daggers be available for purchase?
Mark Levinson
4 days ago at 2:00 PM
I really like the new web site. I just can't stop spending money here, it is best!