AK-V Side Folding Brace and Adapter

Posted by Kris Vermillion on June 10, 2019
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AK-V Side Folding Brace and Adapter

Here it is in all of its glory: the Palmetto State Armory AK-V Side Folding Brace and Adapter.

The PSA AK-V Side Folding Brace is a fantastic addition to the AK-V and allows to fold into an even smaller footprint for storage and portability.

This Brace can be purchased its own and placed onto your AK-V. This brace and adapter will also work with the PSA AK-P and GF-3 AK-47 rifles.

If the idea of removing one brace and putting a new one on seems daunting, fear not, I'm here to help.

A couple of common tools will help you get the job done right when it comes time to attach the folding brace.

We recommend you have an armorers wrench, a 3/32 and a 9/64 Allen Wrench and red or blue lock tite depending on your preference.

Here's an important point to remember: Removing the buffer tube from your AK-V means removing a twice staked castle nut as well. If done improperly, you could potentially damage the castle nut, latch plate and/or buffer in the removal process. We recommend you find a vice and use an Armorers Wrench to remove the castle nut properly and avoid damaging any parts that don't need to be damaged.

First, remove your castle nut and slide the latch plate rearward to allow the removal of the buffer tube and the puzzle piece adapter. It's recommended that you use a vice to secure your AK-V as your castle nut will be double staked and require some force to remove. Be careful when removing the castle nut. It is possible to damage the castle nut and/or buffer tune during the removal process.

There are three screws to remove in this process and they will all be easily visible and accessible.

Remember to place the allen wrench completely inside the head of the screw to create proper grip before applying torque. You do not want to strip or round out the head of the screw.

After you've removed the three screws, pull the puzzle piece rearward and set it aside.

Now grab your Folding Brace and the two screws it comes with. Slide the brace into the receiver, apply your choice of lock tire onto the screws and tighten them down firmly.

The Folding Brace is a lift and fold design. With a firm grip the user can lift the brace and then fold it to the side out of the way. Returning it to its standard configuration simply requires the shooter to lift upward and return the brace to its extended position.

It's as easy as that to install your new PSA AK-V Folding Pistol Brace.

If you need to grab one, it's available now at PalmettoStateArmory.com

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About Kris Vermillion

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