Shot Show 2019 - PSAK-P

Posted by Kris Vermillion on January 23, 2019
Shot Show 2019 - PSAK-P

Let's take a moment and thank SB Tactical for making AK and AR pistols much more fun to shoot.

Our new AK47 Pistol takes full advantage of the SBA3 brace, bringing you the classic AK 7.62 round in a much smaller package.

Here at SHOT Show 2019 we are proudly showing off our PSAK-P.

The Palmetto State Armory AK-P is chambered in 7.62 x 39, utilizes a forged bolt, carrier and front trunnion and provides a picatinny rail on the dust cover to allow the addition of the shooter's red dot of choice.

Look for the AK-P to hit the shelves very soon. Production will begin in February.

About Kris Vermillion

About Kris Vermillion

Kris Vermillion is a lifelong shooter who focuses his training on defensive shooting techniques and the shooter's mindset. Kris works with the Palmetto State Armory E-Commerce and Marketing teams.

Rene VĂ©lez Molina
2 years ago at 9:26 PM
Price fir this AK ?
Ricardo Romero
2 years ago at 5:00 PM
Out of Stock. Do you have an ETA on this pistol?
1 year ago at 2:19 AM
When is coming out for sell, and what is the price???