Shot Show 2019 - The PSAK-74

Posted by Kris Vermillion on January 23, 2019
Shot Show 2019 - The PSAK-74

We are excited to introduce you to the Palmetto State Armory AK-74.

The classic AK design chambered in 5.45 x 39 and built to withstand whatever you throw its way.

Backed by our 100% Lifetime Warranty and put together with all the classic AK-74 features.

The AK-74 is the result of Kalashnikov revisiting his famous AK-47 design and adding a few tweaks. Most notably the caliber switch from 7.62 x 39 to 5.45 x 39.

With time the AK-74 has become a favorite among many AK rifle enthusiasts.

The AK-74 Muzzle Brake is designed to mitigate muzzle rise and reduce felt recoil.

The PSAK-74 is currently making its way through our research and development process. We will update you with new information as soon as we have it.

Bookmark our blog to get the latest details as soon as we have them.

About Kris Vermillion

About Kris Vermillion

Kris Vermillion is a lifelong shooter who focuses his training on defensive shooting techniques and the shooter's mindset. Kris works with the Palmetto State Armory E-Commerce and Marketing teams.

Taylor Silver
2 years ago at 10:59 PM
Does it have a chromelined or nitride barrel? Cast or forged trunnion? Milled or stamped receiver?
Troy Small
2 years ago at 7:37 PM
Not sure about the barrel but I imagine that it is chrome-lined, stamped receiver, forged front trunnion.
Neil Smith
2 years ago at 4:18 AM
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, try and IMPORT PARTS KITS and MAGAZINES as well! I'm so fucking hyped. Any plans to make it with a chrome-lined CHF barrel?
2 years ago at 3:24 PM
2 years ago at 12:22 AM
5.45x39 is ballisticly similar to the 5.56 cartridge. So your getting a little bit of a flatter shooting cartridge.
2 years ago at 12:26 AM
5.45x39 is a more accurate round and has a greater range than 7.62x39 it has ballistics similar to 5.56 although it’s not as readily available as 7.62x39 it is cheap online it’s also easier to shoot.
2 years ago at 1:56 PM
Go not understand somewhere else you capitalist pig! XD This is what us Kalashlife people have been praying for!
Troy Small
2 years ago at 7:39 PM
5.45 was designed by the Soviets to tumble as much as a 7.62x39 but be light enough to allow the soldier to carry twice the amount of ammunition for the same weight, as well as thin enough to allow for less curved magazines. Basically 5.45 performs just as well as a 5.56, when you use milsurp 5.45 7N6, it performs somewhat better.
Justin Grimes
2 years ago at 8:29 AM
I’d really like to see the updated 7.62x39 model with a 5/8-24 muzzle and the 5.45 with a 1/2-28 thread. I know it might mean a little heavier barrel but it seems to be the missing link with the American AKs
2 years ago at 12:23 AM
Any info on the psak74 like options or price point? If you can do it at the price point of your 7.62 model I think you have a hit on your hands
J. Francis
2 years ago at 4:22 AM
Please, for the love of heaven PSA, put a 90 degree gas block on the rifle and get rid of the gas block shown in the pics. I can live without a folding stock, and even cast parts, but the only thing stopping me from buying the psak74 would be if there's no authentic 90 degree gas block.
Jack McCrary
2 years ago at 5:00 PM
Would this be around the normal price of your normal ak’s?
1 year ago at 8:02 PM
This will be great! I’m definitely going to buy one and I will get friends and family to buy this rifle as well. Please make these readily available. I want the AK74 market to grow in the U.S. and I’d love for Palmetto State Armory to lead the way! Can’t wait for the summer.
1 year ago at 8:04 PM
5.45 has great ballistics. It is one of the best calibers to defend yourself with due to the tumbling and yawing. It creates massive wound channels. It is my favorite round.
1 year ago at 5:36 AM
Steel lined mags are $50 a pop and correctly loaded ammo is banned. The 74 market is dead... came and went. Now its more of a collector niche than a shooter niche unless you can afford it.
John Doe
1 year ago at 8:32 PM
Get a grip, you act like the banned ammo was the greatest shit. I buy cases of 5.45 all day long in bulk, and what, you think you and your banned ammo are gonna repel an invasion?, lmfao. If and when you ever have to use the rifle to defend your home, do you really think the bad guy is going to be more appreciative that he wasn't shot with 7n6?
1 year ago at 5:07 PM
Thank God it’s not a cast rifle! Let’s hope for a chrome lined barrel and muzzle brake. With PSA being blue collar friendly we’ll finally have an affordable 74! Witham ultimac gastube/rail red dot and light, it’ll be my ultimate truck gun and travel gun !!!
Peter Keane
1 year ago at 1:28 PM
Ok so when is this coming out and price point? 74s are basically the best rifle period. When mrguns and gear says that is the rifle he would keep if he could only keep one and rob ski at ak operators union loves these you must have faith! Arsenal 104 is my fav rifle but I’m psyched for this
1 year ago at 12:41 PM
I own several high quality AKs both in 7.62 and 5.45 and the biggest differences I see are ballistic. The 5.45 will see increased range and penetration, it is also a much more flat shooting round so the shooter has to compensate less for drop etc. Alot of people compare the 5.45 Soviet to the 5.56 NATO but there is a significant difference, most notably the wound channel the bullet creates. The 5.56 is notorious for over penetration and while it's a combat round you'll get a lot of in and out shots. The 5.45 on the other hand is built with a pocket of air built in which caused the bullet to yaw drastically when it makes contact causing wide and unpredictable wound patterns. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan the resistance fighters were absolutely terrified of the 5.45 round, and in my opinion it is a more lethality combat round then its NATO counterpart. Before I ramble for too long I would say for true lovers of the AK you just have to have both. They are purpose driven, but both are great rounds they do alot to show you how Kalashnikodlv's system isn't a one trick pony and can be adapted to pretty much any calibur on the planet. Shit I'm in the process of buying an SLR106 just because I want to have an AK that takes NATO ammo because of how common it is in the states. Anyway, between calibers you can't lose, and with AKs the only way to lose is to buy a cheap piece of garbage. Always remember you get what you pay for. That's my 2 cents for the day
1 year ago at 5:56 PM
I would like to know when this is expected to come to market.
William Troy
1 year ago at 11:46 AM
I'm very excited about you guys releasing a 74 rifle, I think it's just what the 74 market needs right now, but I'm curious as to when exactly this summer it will be hitting the market and what price we can expect? I'm hoping y'all release it before Independence Day as being able to take one to the range would be a great way to spend the holiday!
1 year ago at 12:22 AM
PSA is leaving us in the dark. No responses or updates whatsoever.
Cameron Tennant
1 year ago at 9:22 AM
Palmetto State Armory made some posts on indicating the release has been pushed to fall of 2019 so looks like we have some more waiting to do (read: stocking up on bakelites!) Source:
1 year ago at 11:18 PM
Preorder and price available?
1 year ago at 12:28 AM
What Neil said...
1 year ago at 12:41 AM
Hope you make thousands of these, because they'll sell like water in the desert... at a reasonable price... #paymentplan
William Troy
1 year ago at 3:49 AM
Apparently they've pushed back the release date to this fall I'd imagine to address the issues with the firing pin retainer which has been causing issues in the PSAK47 G3s. I got the info about the delayed release date from Cameron Tennant's post above and the info about the firing pin from the AK Operators Union YouTube Channel.
Mitch Harmon
1 year ago at 10:45 PM
I read a post on from PSA that stated the production model will have a 90 degree gas block!! I can’t wait for this to come out. I have wanted one for years but couldn’t ever find one that wasn’t a parts kit gun.
1 year ago at 7:07 AM
The 5.45 is more of a combat round like the 5.56 it is made to make a bigger wound cavity on soft body tissue
1 year ago at 7:08 AM
I’d rather have a forged trunnions that a 90 degree gas block but at the same time it did take me back a lil bit when I saw the 47 gas block on a 74
Billy d
1 year ago at 8:05 AM
Are there any updates? I'm curious if there will be a folding stock version and wha0 the price point will be.
William Dunford
1 year ago at 7:10 AM
Well its summer of 2019, any updates?
1 year ago at 3:04 PM
What's going on is the planned ak74 in 5.45 not a thing??? I just read in another forum that palmetto has no plans for this as of right now... I was under impression this was a June/July projected release... wth is going on?? Anyone got inside info I been waiting to buy one so I could get one of these. This is the post by I think palmetto. .. \"@Sputnik556 We are looking into it. Nothing in immediate plans though. Thanks, Josiah\"
Anthony Peetz
1 year ago at 1:17 AM
Vepr and Saiga 5.45 rifles used 45° gas blocks.
11 months ago at 7:45 PM
My saiga 74 has 90 degree gas block sir
Anthony Peetz
1 year ago at 1:23 AM
If Kalashnikov USA gets their rifles out as CEO John Mossberg has stated,we are going to see 5.45 make a big comeback. KUSA says they are on the final stages of prototype testing and will make sure that they produce shit tons of rifles before announcing them to the public to ensure that the retailers will not run short on supply. PSA and KUSA... make this shit happen, both companies need to get these guns to market.
1 year ago at 6:21 AM
Are you going to release an AK in 5.56 or not?
1 year ago at 7:05 PM
So, when is this thing coming out? It is currently July 2019. Will it be in August? Also, how will you deal with the relative rarity of 5.45 round manufacturers in the US?
Perry Legge
1 year ago at 10:38 PM
I’m very curious if PSA plans on doing an AKS-74U variant.
John G.
11 months ago at 4:25 PM
Any updates?
John G.
11 months ago at 1:44 PM
If you can make an Ak-74 with a side folding stock (just like the classic GF3 side folders) I'll buy one. If you can make a AKS-74U pistol with triangle brace I'll buy that too. Foreign receiver markings would be a plus.
Randy Clark
11 months ago at 8:12 PM
So when is \"summer\" because it's now almost fall
jerry andrews
11 months ago at 7:53 PM
falls just about here and no word yet
Johann k.
11 months ago at 4:05 AM
Hey PSA how about throwing us a bone... Some kind of update on the PSA AK74 please!!
Michael cherry
11 months ago at 4:45 AM
Just watched the PSA Clinton House Range video and he wouldn’t say for sure but did say shortly after shot show 2020 the ak74 should be available... so not summer 2019 like we all hoped but better late than never right?
J. Hill
11 months ago at 10:28 PM
So when is this going to come out? An update would be great!!
Tyler Craft
11 months ago at 9:03 PM
Will you make a pistol variant?
Mike Luccketta
11 months ago at 3:01 AM
Will there be 5.56 variant made available?
11 months ago at 4:37 PM
Hello Mike, The official word is that we're expecting this to be ready sometime early in 2019 (Q1). We will update you as we get updates from R&D. Thank you!
Matthew W
11 months ago at 4:48 AM
whats the eta on these exactly its fall 2019???
11 months ago at 4:28 PM
Hello Matthew, The official word is that we're expecting this to be ready sometime early in 2020 (Q1). We will update you as we get updates from R&D. Thank you!
10 months ago at 9:41 AM
Is there any word on a pistol version?
Charles e Cheese
10 months ago at 10:30 PM
Still have my fingers crossed and money in hand anyone who thinks the market doesn’t need a 545 rifle has never owned or shot one I have two and would be two more from you folks!!!
Brandon O
9 months ago at 12:28 AM
Any word on what the price point will be on these yet? Similar to the psak47 or a bit more?
9 months ago at 4:32 PM
probably depends on the model. I would assume it is the same at the 47, the real question is if they will make the 74-enhanced and the price of that!
8 months ago at 5:38 PM
More info to come at Shot 2020 on AK74 pricing!
8 months ago at 3:44 PM
Are there any updates as to when we can expect this rifle?
8 months ago at 5:00 PM
Hey Evan, The official word is that we're expecting this to be ready sometime early in 2020 (Q1). We will update you as we get updates from R&D. Thank you!
8 months ago at 5:33 PM
We will be releasing them Q1 of 2020. Please look for more info coming from Shot this year!
Derrick A Schurr
8 months ago at 4:19 PM
Christmas of 2019 I'm still looking for that 74
8 months ago at 4:58 PM
We are looking at 1st Quarter 2020 release. We will have more info at Shot Show!!
8 months ago at 5:35 PM
The wait is almost over! We are expecting this Q1 of 2020. Please look for more info coming from Shot this year.
8 months ago at 7:44 PM
Is there any possibility of pre-orders for this?
8 months ago at 4:28 PM
Unfortunately we are not doing any pre-orders at the moment. Thank you, Josiah
8 months ago at 1:07 AM
Would love to see an AK in 5.56 similar to the SLR-106. Especially if PSA can provide affordable magazine options. Maybe Lancer would like to partner to provide steel reinforced magazines? If PSA builds a NATO AK that's even if it's a longer lead time people will buy it. I want one but don't want to pay 2k to get it.
8 months ago at 6:54 PM
We are working on an AK variant in 5.56!! After our AK74 is in full swing in the next few months, the next AK we will be working on is an AK in 5.56 that has an adapter that will allow it to take AR15 magazines.
Justin Spayd
7 months ago at 1:51 AM
Will there be both pistol and rifle options for the 5.56 that takes AR mags??
7 months ago at 6:36 AM
Can you make a pistol 74 no one is doing it there is a huge market for braced pistols lets see one
7 months ago at 6:49 PM
I talked with engineering, and they said that we do plan on making one! We have not set any date, as this is a long-term project.
John Comey
7 months ago at 9:14 AM
Any info on price and a pistol version?
7 months ago at 4:33 PM
The Krinkov is a distant project, but it is on the radar. No word on price yet regarding the AK74. Please look for more info around Shot Show in a couple weeks!
Dustin Askew
7 months ago at 9:23 AM
My Saiga 7.62x39 has a 90 degree gas block. They are designed after the AK-100 series of rifles in various calibers and all have 90 degree gas blocks. Only AK-47s and AKMs have 45 degree gas blocks.
Bobby L Etters
6 months ago at 5:51 AM
I think you have a winning line up! Is there any way to pre order the AK74.
6 months ago at 5:33 PM
We do not have any plans to do a pre-order at this time.
6 months ago at 6:16 AM
Are you going to continue to use a 45 degree gas block instead of a 90 degree?
6 months ago at 5:47 PM
The AK74 will be 90 degrees.
6 months ago at 6:35 PM
What is the new ETA of the 74 variants and the actual prices if I may ask and what will the availability be?
Justin Spayd
6 months ago at 9:47 PM
Saw Fit'n First ShotShow vid. Any chance we can get the 556 AK with a combo gas block/front sight since having the adjustable one will make cutting it down harder.
6 months ago at 3:45 PM
The AK74 will be available late Q2/early Q3. Exact pricing has not been released yet.
Marc Miller
6 months ago at 4:02 PM
When will this be available? I absolutely love the rifle and cartridge it fires and would relish the chance to review it and possibly purchase multiple if everything goes well! I’ve purchased from PSA before and their build quality is top notch for a budget PCC (AR-9 10.5 inch) please please PLEASE let me know when the PSAK-74 comes out!
6 months ago at 4:09 PM
The AK-74 is scheduled to be out late Q2, early Q3.
5 months ago at 2:49 PM
so what your saying is that its gonna be out in 2021 because im sure it will be delayed again.
Brad Anliker
6 months ago at 3:36 AM
Will it be available in the standard 74M furniture with folding stock?
6 months ago at 4:48 PM
In the future we will have a side-folding version!
5 months ago at 5:39 PM
Please please please make a side folding AKE in 5.45....
5 months ago at 4:51 PM
We will have a 5.45 in the \"E\" variant in the future! I do not have a time-frame though.
John Smith
5 months ago at 11:27 PM
Have you all ever considered making an AR upper that is chambered for 5.45x39
5 months ago at 8:46 PM
We used to sell 5.45 uppers, but the demand died off for them significantly. This is why we do not make them any longer.
Alex Nief
5 months ago at 2:41 PM
Will these be available for pre-order?
5 months ago at 3:31 PM
At this time we do not have any plans for a pre-order.
John Smith
5 months ago at 12:27 AM
Do you have a timeline on the Krink?
4 months ago at 6:22 AM
If you guys do open up a pre-order I'd love to get my hands on a couple of these! Especially a side folder.
4 months ago at 6:01 PM
We do not have any plans for a pre-order at the moment.
4 months ago at 5:24 PM
Kris, with the current situation with C-19 how's Palmetto doing? We hope everyone is doing well. We understand we all need to stay healthy and be smart. We assume production and release dates are going to be pushed into the future. We will need to be patient. I'm looking forward for the release of your new AKs.
4 months ago at 5:38 PM
Thank you for asking, and your understanding. Palmetto is doing excellent! Our sales are stronger than ever! Other than our retail stores, we are running at 100% capacity and then some!
Milan Krkljus
4 months ago at 4:13 AM
Glad to hear that you guys are pumping along just fine. Can you approximate preorder or release dates? I'm looking to snag one with wood furniture.
4 months ago at 7:29 PM
I have not heard anything of a pre-order happening. I wish I did, but I do not have an exact date of release yet.
3 months ago at 10:57 PM
What about the Ammo shortage with all these new 545 guns are gonna cause. Are there any other American companies besides Hornady that will commit to making that round. It already takes some planning to go shooting now and who wants to dip into their stockpile when the local store is fresh out?
3 months ago at 2:59 PM
Time will tell, but once we our out of this pandemic, I do not think there will be a problem. If Tula/Wolf see the demand in the US Market, I think they would increase production.Other US manufacturers may see it as well.
3 months ago at 6:28 PM
Any update as to a release date?
3 months ago at 6:47 PM
If you listen to the first 15 minutes of this video, Colton give a good overview of all of our AK release timeframes.
Jobanny Orellana
2 months ago at 12:57 AM
Will you be doing pre orders for this?
2 months ago at 5:59 PM
We currently do not have any plans for a pre-order.
24 days ago at 8:11 PM
Thank you for keeping us updated! Very excited for the 74 ???? A long time waiting
Thomas A Brockwell
12 days ago at 3:17 PM
When will 74 be out for sale ?
12 days ago at 3:27 PM
They are finishing up on the AK74 as we speak. They are doing the final testing of the guns. The 74 should be out within the first two weeks of August.
Thomas A Brockwell
12 days ago at 3:27 PM
When. Can we get it?????????¿
12 days ago at 3:41 PM
They are finishing up on the AK74 as we speak. They are doing the final testing of the guns. The 74 should be out within the first two weeks of August.
Abe Nash
2 days ago at 3:05 AM
is there anyway we can pre-order or put down a deposit for ak 74
Tye PSA E Commerce
2 days ago at 9:43 AM
Unfortunately we are not currently offering a preorder right now.
Joseph Prior
Yesterday at 5:16 PM
Will it be available this week?
Dong Enthusiast
Yesterday at 9:03 PM
To all of the people at PSA who develop ak-47s!!! How have you missed out on the amazing opportunity to make a Romanian dong hand guard???