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The AK-V Returns

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 1 years ago
The AK-V Returns

Palmetto State Armory is set to begin a second round of production on the AK-V. Details on what is different between the first and second round of production are covered extensively in the video.

We offer a 100% Lifetime Warranty, and if you have any Palmetto State Armory product - including an AKV - that is not up to par, we will cover the cost of shipping back to us for repair.

Palmetto State Armory is also offering to up-fit any existing AK-V to all the features shown in the new production run of the AK-V.

Find more details in the video below.

Trevor J Kasper 1 years ago at 4:56 PM
When is the re-release date?
Ryan 1 years ago at 3:25 PM
What is the release date?
Brian Beattie 1 years ago at 5:11 PM
I purchased an AK-V on Monday March 25th. I received an email Wednesday stating that Palmetto will not ship the AK-V to Michigan due to the fact that it measures longer than 26". If this is the fact, no one could purchase them in any state without a SBR stamp. Am I wrong with this logic?
Greg Mascola 1 years ago at 1:12 AM
Move to Kentucky. Land of the free...
John who can read 1 years ago at 3:18 PM
A person may lawfully own, possess, carry, or transport as a pistol a firearm greater than 26 inches in length if all of the following conditions apply:...
A new firearm is not going to meet the conditions to be treated as a pistol in Michigan, even though federal law classifies it as a pistol. It is still legal to own, but you can’t transfer, register or carry it as a pistol. Fill out the 4473 as a handgun, and then do not send in an RI-060. Come on Palmetto where’s your legal team?! Michigan needs to fix the damn firearm laws!
George Barnes 1 years ago at 11:14 AM
Now , this the way to stand behind your products ! If the design is bad ,admit it and fix the problem with no cost to your customers ! This IS THE WAY A BUSINESS should be run . PSA , you make us proud ! Mark Barnes USMC .
Paul 1 years ago at 11:12 AM
Why does it seem that the PSA warranty only applies to the things that will make alot of people unhappy but when my little old $49 upper breaks it's not covered under the warranty?