Magazine And Bump Stock Ban: Will the people comply?

Posted by Kris Vermillion on January 17, 2019
Magazine And Bump Stock Ban: Will the people comply?

With the blessing of both the NRA and President Trump, the ATF has outlined a new interpretation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. The latest interpretation finds that somehow the legislation from 1934 prohibits bump stock devices which were introduced to the market in 2010 and considered perfectly legal until 2018. Weird how that works.

What is the Bump Stock Ban?

Bump stocks have been banned because the government believes they are the only way to fire semi-automatic weapons at an accelerated rate. Apparently they've never heard of belt loops. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, states that bump stocks fall within the definition of machine guns, which are so heavily regulated by federal firearms law that ownership might as well be explicitly banned. The rule is now in effect and owners of the bump stock firearms accessory have until March 16, 2019, to either destroy or surrender them or become an overnight felon.

The push for the new bump stock law was brought to action a year after the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st, 2017. The shooter in Las Vegas used bump stock devices on his firearms which allowed him to fire rounds at an accelerated rate, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. However, it's important to note that a bump stock is merely a firearm accessory. It makes no change to the composition of either the trigger group or the internals of the firearm. A bump stock works by allowing the shooter to keep the trigger pressed to the rear while the recoil of the gun itself becomes the mechanism for re-setting the trigger, a task usually accomplished by the user releasing the trigger after each pull.

Outlawing an accessory is a scary concept. In the instance of the bump stock ban, the justification is that the bump stock increases the firearm's rate of fire. What will this mean for upgraded triggers, adjustable gas blocks, enhanced bolt carrier groups or Jerry Miculeck's index finger?

Only time will tell.

According to the ATF, after the implementation of the new bump stock law, you have two options: hand over the bump stock or destroy it yourself.

Access instructions on how to properly destroy a bump stock here.

Access instructions on what the founders thought should happen to tyrannical governments here.

The passage of legislation in the wake of tragedy is rarely a good idea. Sure, the 22ND Amendment was a fine idea following twelve years of expanding government under FDR, but, most of the time, heightened passions do not make the best decisions.

New Jersey's Recent Magazine Ban

On December 11, 2018, New Jersey implemented a new law that requires its law-abiding citizens to surrender magazines that carry enough ammunition to defend themselves against multiple adversaries. As of this writing, exactly ZERO New Jersey residents have turned in their standard capacity AR magazines.

New Jersey isn't the first state to fail at Second Amendment infringement.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland spent millions of dollars on a gun "fingerprint" database only to abandon it years later after it failed to help solve a single crime committed with a firearm. The idea was to require gun manufacturers to send a casing from the test firing of each gun it would be selling in the state of Maryland so that the state could have the gun's "fingerprint" on file in case it was ever used in a crime.

Additionally, the state of New York had to give up on a similar effort in 2012 when it too failed to solve crimes in which the criminal used a gun.

Parris N. Glendening was the Governor of Maryland at the time of its failed attempt to "fingerprint" firearms. She told the Washington Post, "Obviously, I'm disappointed...It's a little unfortunate, in that logic and common sense suggest that it would be a good crime-fighting tool."

As Ben Shapiro says, "facts don't care about your feelings." It certainly would feel nice to believe that laws prevent crimes, but both historic and contemporary society prove that notion false. However, it's worth remembering that not only do we live in a safer society than generations before, in most cases where a criminal uses a firearm to commit a crime, wait for it....the gun was stolen.

PewResearch says:

"Violent crime in the U.S. has fallen sharply over the past quarter century. The two most commonly cited sources of crime statistics in the U.S. both show a substantial decline in the violent crime rate since it peaked in the early 1990s. One is an annual report by the FBI of serious crimes reported to police in approximately 18,000 jurisdictions around the country. The other is an annual survey of more than 90,000 households conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which asks Americans ages 12 and older whether they were victims of crime, regardless of whether they reported those crimes to the police."

As for gun laws preventing gun crimes, research suggest that the majority of guns used in crimes are acquired illegally.

We are left to wonder how one more law, in an already long list of laws, will prevent further tragedies.

But more so, it will be interesting to see if gun owners decide to comply or resist. If this is the government's attempt to molon labe, will people be willing to comply or will they simply tell them to kick rocks?

We will have to wait and see, but my money says the bump stock ban will only result in massive court battles, ruined American businesses, and not a single life saved in the process.

Recommended Stocks

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About Kris Vermillion

About Kris Vermillion

Kris Vermillion is a lifelong shooter who focuses his training on defensive shooting techniques and the shooter's mindset. Kris works with the Palmetto State Armory E-Commerce and Marketing teams.

2 years ago at 6:42 PM
They will make prohibited Possessors out of all of us with a stoke of a pen in due time. Red Flag Laws, soon you will be deemed to dangerous to society by just owning firearms. It wont be a family member, school official or a Spouse turning you in, it will be an anonymous tip and you will have police kicking in your door to confiscate your property.
2 years ago at 11:11 PM
Fred burley
2 years ago at 11:24 PM
Kris, Parris N. Glendening is/was a man. I know I lived in the Peoples Republic of Maryland for 49 years.
Jimmy h
2 years ago at 12:22 AM
I wonder why there would not be an amnesty registration in bump stocks ? They allowed owners of street sweepers to amnesty register those devices. I don't see how they can just take away something that they had previously approved.
Spastic Lab Rat
2 years ago at 7:00 PM
I don't know about bump stocks, but as for magazine capacity regulations, I live in the People's Republic of California (Motto: \"Let the State Think for You\"), and you are not allowed to own or use any magazine larger than 10 rounds. I'm sure people still own them, but you cannot go to any legitimate gun range with a large-capacity magazine, as they will tell you to leave.
Patrick Ballensky
2 years ago at 12:05 AM
This ban is bull$#!# and unconstitutional, I don't see how all these politicians take an oath to uphold the constitution and as soon as they're sworn in they try to gut the constitution. This ban is illegal and will set a very dangerous precedent if left intact and not challenged in a court of law!
1 year ago at 1:04 AM
I know this is late...but I'm going to buy a bag of rubber bands, cut them all in 2, and mail them to the ATF with a note saying \"Destroyed bumpstock devices\". I'm also going to include a P.S. at the bottom saying \"I will support and defend the constitution of the United States so help me God.\" If millions of folks did this, do you think they would get the message?
Michael Gilbert
1 year ago at 10:29 PM
There are two issues. Most Dems and Libs weren't aware of bumpstocks until Vegas. And they were never \"approved.\" My issue is why would you want one? It destroys accuracy and wastes ammo. Furthermore it just builds anti-gun fires even bigger! I'd say the same thing about AR pistols! Why do you want one when actual pistols do everything better... it just adds fuel to the fire. We dont need to be our own worst enemy!!! Use common sense instead of testing limits. If a device simulates autofire, it hurts us in the press. If a configuration looks like you're trying to conceal a rifle it hurts us in the press. Let's be smarter about what we do and show support for making laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals. We should be able to support that!
1 year ago at 12:31 AM
\"If a configuration looks like you're trying to conceal a rifle it hurts us in the press.\" To hell with the press. I'm not paying an extra $200 plus endless paperwork for an SBR. Stop being such a fudd, Mic.
1 year ago at 6:31 PM
The SlideFire bump stock device came with a certification and letter from the ATF that the device was \"cleared\" for use as an accessory device for the AR and AK platforms. The letter and certification's verbage concerning the devices can be construed as \"approved\" for general public use. As for your personal opinion as to why a law-abiding citizen would want to own bump stocks, SBR's or anything that you personally find redundant or unnecessary, the simple answer is this: it is not illegal to own such items, and once a tyrannical government begins summarily banning citizens from owning weapons and accessories it becomes another step closer down a slippery slope towards facism. Just because you don't like or don't want a certain item doesn't mean that you should impse your will on others. It's a freedom of choice thing. What flavor of ice cream do you like best? What if the government didn't even pass a law, but the FDA came out and stated that chocolate and vanilla ice cream is banned due to their high fat content, or some other lame reason. The exact same scenario is true here in our discussion of theso-called \"bump stock ban\". It IS illegal, and every citizen should challenge its authority in a court of law. The government must actually pass a law through Congress if they want a Constitutionally legal banning of these types of accessory items.
1 year ago at 6:12 PM
Only Congress shall pass laws. Neither the ATF nor the President have the authority to enact a bump stock ban. Therefore, the government's actions are Constitutionally illegal and citizens do not need to observe nor obey fraudulent directives such as the so-called \"Bump stock ban\".