Shot Show Day 1 - The PSAK-E

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 7 months ago
Shot Show Day 1 - The PSAK-E

Day One of SHOT Show 2019 is in the books, and we had a blast.

All week long we will be introducing you to new, fun things from both Palmetto State Armory and some of your other favorite brands that are here in Las Vegas for SHOT.

Today we'd like to introduce you to the new standard for the AK-47 platform.

This is the Palmetto State Armory AK-E. This enhanced AK-47 features a forged bolt and front trunnion and a nickel-boron-coated forged carrier. Forging has proven to be a stronger, more durable process for firearms components. The nickel boron coating on the carrier will allow a smoother shooting experience throughout the course of fire with the additional benefit of being easier to clean once the rifle is ready to be put back in the safe.

The addition of an FNCold Hammer Forged barrel makes this the best of the best in the AK offerings from Palmetto State Armory. Cold Hammer Forging is a process for producing barrels that allows the barrel to maintain its integrity throughout a higher rate of firing. In short: cold hammer forging lets you shoot a lot of rounds really fast without ruining your barrel.

The Truth About Guns was able to take a tour of FN's barrel production shop and had this to say about the Cold Hammer Forging process:

Cold hammer forging involves bashing the barrel from all sides with hammers and forcing them to contact onto a tool, a mandrel, inside the barrel which has the mirror image of the desired rifling on it. Hammer forging has been proven to be the most accurate method of barrel production, providing a longer useful barrel life and greater accuracy.

Look for the PSAK-E to hit the shelves in June. Price point to be determined.

About Kris Vermillion

About Kris Vermillion

Kris Vermillion is a lifelong shooter who focuses his training on defensive shooting techniques and the shooter’s mindset. Kris works with the Palmetto State Armory E-Commerce and Marketing teams.

Bro2Wolf 7 months ago at 9:54 PM
I have several Chi-Com AK's and That looks Cool to me.
I will give it a shot. :))
OhShoot! 7 months ago at 12:28 AM
So much want.
Ruks 7 months ago at 5:22 AM
How about fixing the AKV first?
Mike 7 months ago at 4:09 PM
You should offer a generous trade in allowance for those of us who bought earlier generations of PS-AK's.
Justin Grimes 7 months ago at 3:32 AM
please start using 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 muzzle threads!!!!
Libarrel 7 months ago at 4:16 PM
ak is supposed to be cheaper than ar but due to importation ban, it is not. Wish this psak-e will be a real usa made ak that is on par with wasr10 or even better, at a competitive price.
int19h 7 months ago at 6:09 PM
What's the finish on other components? Is the bolt NiB, or just the carrier? Is the barrel nitrided or chrome lined? Anything for the receiver?
APierce 7 months ago at 5:07 AM
Will the enhanced AK platform be available in other calibers? People would love to see it in 5.45x39.
Galt 3 months ago at 1:18 PM
I cannot wait for this!!!!
Thank you PSA!!!
Chad Freytag 2 months ago at 4:23 PM
When can I get my hands on one or these
Sam 2 months ago at 1:32 AM
Have you guys released a date yet for the June release?
Scott Braden 2 months ago at 10:23 AM
Any news on this? Been waiting for the release....
Dayron Monzon 2 months ago at 6:18 PM
apparently, tomorrow 6/19 according to a youtuber that interviewed kris at shot show the video is called "Palmetto State Armory's Upcoming AK releases" if wrong them oh dang if right tomorrow we shall see them up for sale.
Eric 2 months ago at 7:56 PM
Is there an official release date? Many of us are eager
Trackrat1833 2 months ago at 12:29 PM
Great concept! How about adding an adjustable gas system? Sure would like to hear some news of progress.
Brian Lewis 6 days ago at 4:25 PM
Definitive arms makes one.
Dayron Monzon 2 months ago at 6:18 PM
so, here we are... in July and nothing, any news on the rifle?
Jake R S 27 days ago at 12:04 AM
Rock on PSA! It’s a good deal an AK comes from one manufacturer (barrel excluded) and not a modified parts kit. Put out a traditional version that has facilities for a cleaning rod and I’m in for two. And get that buffer tube off that AK buffer tubes on AKs are as asinine as mufflers on electric cars. even though it’s not PSA’s style To keep pushing up market but how awesome would it be if they had a mulled version.
Youcef Djoudi 26 days ago at 8:13 PM
it is almost the end of JULY and no AKE yet?
Perk 15 days ago at 2:15 AM
Now it’s august. Still no AK-E...